Online Brand Book

The easy way to communicate your brand

Say goodbye to outdated presentations and profile material. Gather all your brand guidelines and related assets in one place – available to your organization and partners 24/7!

Brand control


Always updated & available



Improved time to market

Protect your brand

Make sure your brand does not fade out over time. Communicate your brand guidelines and best practice advice at all times – to all devices!

Companies use a lot of time and money creating and positioning their brand in the market. Protect your investment with an online Brand Book and give employees and partners 24/7 access to updated brand guidelines and assets.

Create and adapt

Use drag-and-drop to manage your site-structure and page-layouts easily

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Fully customizable

It’s your Brand Book – we customize it to fit your brand guidelines and wireframe

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Always updated

One source for all your assets. Update once and it’s updated everywhere!

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Share and collaborate

Share assets, sections or the entire Brand Book directly with your partners

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Create and adapt

Use the latest web-technology to easily manage your Brand Book structure and page-layouts.

Our Content Management System (CMS) is optimized for creating online Brand Books and Brand Identity Portals. No need for expensive software or education – no more waiting for available time with your designers. Let multiple people update your Brand Book online and give your organization and external partners instant access to up to date information.

Change layout on the fly

Use Sections to change the look of your layout instantly without disturbing the content


Easily move entire sections to a different location in your layout

Choose the style that suits your content best. Full width, multiple columns or anything else!

Drag and drop content to a different location

Inline editing


Intuitive inline editing lets you write and make changes to your content directly in the layout

Pre-designed style-sheets make sure your editors always are on brand

Place your content exactly where you want it using drag and drop

Fully customizable

Your Brand Identity Portal should be a 100% representation of your brand!

Your Brand Identity Portal should use your brand guidelines and your wireframe – it should live and breath your brand!

A physical representation of your brand

There should not be a doubt that this is your Brand Book

We create a custom design just for you


Using your current website design og similar we make it coherent with your other online presence

We make sure you are always on brand


Pre-designed style-sheets make sure your editors are always on brand


Editors insert approved marketing assets directly from the DAM

Same user experience. Designed for desktop, tablets and mobile devices

Turn your Brand Book into a Brand Identity Portal!


Expand your Brand Book to a complete Brand Identity Portal that contains not only brand guidelines but also up to date assets and templates


Include a Q&A-section where you can answer frequently asked questions

A best practice section makes it easy to find out how other parts of your organization use your content – or how it is intended to be used

Include a blog or newsfeed for up to date information about your company and field of expertise

Always updated

Tried to send your brand guidelines to an external partner only to discover you have an outdated version? – With an online Brand Book those days are gone!

Our powerful Digital Asset Management system serves as the source of all your assets – update once and it’s updated everywhere!

Upload and organize


Store, sort and edit your assets in our powerful DAM

Organize your materials in Lightboxes for easy updates

Control your assets using our DAM and Intelligent Recognition

Connect and display


Easily connect assets or Lightboxes from your DAM and display them in the right context in your Brand Book

Make all versions of e.g. your logo available for download with one click

Connected assets can be downloaded or ordered directly!

You can choose to display metadata like name and description in the Brand Book

Use Sections to change the look and feel of your connected assets

Update once – updated everywhere

Update an asset or Lightbox in your DAM and it is automatically updated in your Brand Book

Update a Lightbox with new items and it is instantly displayed in your Brand Book


Make sure the latest dynamic templates are always available to your organization

Share and collaborate

Easily find and share assets, sections or the entire Brand Book directly to external partners and coworkers.

Share a secure link or use the Live Export to create a PDF on the fly.

Search and you will find


Search through all your content at once using our Global Search


Search through all information and connected assets in your Brand Book

Search for text strings even within your Word, PowerPoint or PDF-documents

Share exactly what you want to share

No need for big attachments in emails – send links to large files, videos and pictures directly!



Share individual pages or entire sections – you are in control


Share a secure link with access or use Live Export to generate a PDF on the fly

Perfect for working with Ad agencies on pitches

Fully responsive – always available


An online Brand Book is available to your partners and organization 24/7 – no matter where in the world they are

Fully responsive. Available on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

We use the latest HTML5 and CSS web-technology to make sure your brand guidelines get the attention they deserve

See everything in the right context

The Brand Book can be integrated with our other products giving you one place for always updated assets, templates, marketing calendar and more.

Web-ads and Web-to-Print

Connect templates for on-demand ordering of business cards, posters, flyers, web-ads etc.

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Media Bank (DAM)

Connect with the Media Bank (DAM) for always updated logo, pictures and other assets.

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Marketing Calendar

Connect your marketing calendar to display upcoming events and activities.

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Direct ordering

Let your organization order marketing materials and services directly!

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