Telia | Case study

The Brand Hub is an essential tool for our brand building activities across all markets. The latest updates are always available.


Anne Gro Gulla

Vice President & Head of Group Brand | Group Commercial, Telia Company

Høyre | Case study

After the implementation of BrandMaster in Høyre we see no local created unconventionalities. The users have become more aware of Høyres identity, pay more attention to what is allowed and what is not and they are active users of BrandMaster. With the 2017 parliamentary elections, it was reassuring and comfortable knowing we had total control of our brand and our communication, with one tone of voice. This helped us focusing on the actual activities related to the election.


Dag Terje Solvang

Markeds- og kampanjesjef | Høyres Hovedorganisasjon

Block Watne | Case study

With BrandMaster we collect all our pictures to make it easy for employees all over the country to see and “borrow” from each other. We also collect all marketing materials, like house prospectuses and ads, to make it easy for our sales staff to see and get inspired by marketing efforts by other offices.


Katrine Neergaard

Marketing Consultant | Block Watne

Helly Hansen | Case study

Digital assets are alpha omega in our industry. Our digital assets help us market and sell our products to our customers and resellers. It helps us at Helly Hansen to grow stronger and larger as a brand. Without a solution to handle our assets, we would be forced to increase manual labour and the work and processes would decrease efficiency immensely. It is crucial for us that digital assets are stored in one central location, allowing us to manage usage rights and perform maintenance, ensuring that we always have the correct and most up to date assets available to our sales representatives, resellers and customers.


Rebecca Sjölander

Trade Marketing and Asset Production Manager | Helly Hansen

Systemhus | Case study

For Systemhus, the purpose of choosing a MRM solution, was to improve the workflow of collecting and distributing digital assets, templates and marketing material between the head office and their dealers, as well as external agencies.

Birgitte Andersen
Marketing Manager | Systemhus

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