Why marketers should invest in a DAM solution

Why marketers should invest in a DAM solution

Four reasons your marketing department should have a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Any talks about a content management system really boils down to one major thing: Deliver with confidence! Key features your organization and your DAM needs to address...

Employee equipment

| HR Management | Employee equipment Self-serviced web shop for employee items  Request more information Home | Category: "Product" Style your employees with your brand Set the standards for how you dress your employees and how your equipment is branded....

Employee image gallery

| HR Management | Employee image gallery Collect and share employee images with DAM Request more information Home | Category: "Product" Collect, organize and share employee images with ease Take control of valuable assets related to employee portraits, event...


| Marketing Management | Online surveys Conduct internal and external surveys Request more information Home | Category: "Product" Know your organization and your customers Conduct market research or polls and collect valuable data to identify market triggers...

Internal communication

| HR Management | Internal communication Establish unified communication and achieve integrity among your employees Request more information Home | Category: "Product" Connect with your employees Create reliable and trustworthy communication with your...

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