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Configure. Not code

Ready-made interfaces


Extensive functionality


What is Cumulus?

Cumulus is the Enterprise Digital Asset Management system, by the German company Canto – by many considered to be the inventors of Digital Asset Management.

Configure. Not code.

With ready-made interfaces and substantial out-of-the-box functionality, Cumulus offers a configure – not code approach to DAM. Cumulus can be used out-of-the-box but can at the same time scale with your needs using just configuration.

Ready-made interfaces

Cumulus comes with ready-made interfaces for all roles and all devices, for instance web based interfaces, mobile app, InDesign client as well as a native desktop app for Mac and Windows.


  • Web based Client for editors (HTML5)
  • Web Portal for consumers (HTML5 responsive)
  • InDesign Client
  • Desktop Client for administrators (Windows/Mac)
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Administration interface for system administrators

Extensive functionality

  • Works with any file – can manage any digtial file regardless of file format
  • Powerful search – including dynamic filters, predefined search queries
  • Advanced metadata technology – support for IPTC, EXIF and XMP and totally flexible metadata model
  • Asset Relationship tracking – including automatic tracking of files linked to InDesign document
  • Version control – check out/check in and version history including version comparison
  • On-the-fly-rendering – only store one master asset and render variants, e.g. low res images when needed
  • Sharing – collaborate with external users by collections links instead of emailing files.
  • Social DAM – collaborate with others by visual commenting and @-mentioning
  • Workflow control – enforce processes by defining state based workflows
  • Roles and Access rights – control who sees and can do what on any level
  • Active Directory integration – keep managing users like you do today
  • Statistics and reporting – report on asset usage, searches, system usage etc.
  • Storage options – choose whatever file storage you prefer. Disk, fileshare, S3 or Azure
  • Powerful – well documented RESTful API that comes with sample code


Integrate with the systems you already use, e.g. InDesign, WordPress and Episerver. Read more


With more than 20 years since it’s initial release, Cumulus has reached a very large user base. Canto also has a global presence with an extensive and highly competent partner network. There are many, many out there that knows a lot about Cumulus, so you are never alone.

Any Platform

Cumulus  runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Any Device

Find and collaborate on files form any device including responsive web clients and mobile app

Any Deployment

Can be installed on-premise, hosted or as a hybrid solution

Want to see how Cumulus can help your organization?

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