We are proud to present that Gyldendal Akademisk has chosen BrandMaster MRM as their marketing system.


Will operationalize the brand strategy

Gyldendal Akademisk is Norway’s leading university- and high school publisher, and are a part of the publishing house Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS. The publishing house has as it’s primary goal to be Norway’s most attractive publisher for readers, writers and other partners, employees, customers and suppliers as well as their Norwegian owners.

Gyldendal Akademisk has recently completed a branding process that demands more structured ways to work with brand and profile going forward. One important step is to invest in a system that secures constant branding through the entire organization and makes it easy to gather, share, adapt and distribute marketing material.

– BrandMaster Marketing Resource Management system will operationalize our brand strategy and help us work more structured with profile, brand and marketing says Christian Haugsnes, sales- and marketing manager Gyldendal Akademisk.

BrandMaster will solve the challenges


Christian Haugsnes, sales- and marketing manager Gyldendal Akademisk

Gyldendal Akademisk is Norway’s largest scholarly publisher measured in turnover and editorial range. 150 new and revised books are published every year. With them follows a lot of material that need to be made and coordinated.

– BrandMaster solves a lot of the challenges we have regarding production of marketing material. This will secure brand consistency through all channels and provide significant savings for production and distribution.

BrandMaster’s unique template technology for web-to-print and web-ads will be used to create functional templates for flyers, rollups, banners, big and small advertisements and email banners. The templates can easily be adapted regarding local needs and market area at the same time as keeping the branding consistent.

– We will start using the system internally, but in the longer term we want for example bookstores to use BrandMaster to find, adjust and order material themselves. This will give them greater flexibility and freedom, at the same time securing that our brand is kept consistent.

We welcome Gyldendal Akademisk as a customer and look forward to exciting cooperation.