Media Bank (DAM)

All in one place. Always updated. Always available.

Collect all your assets in one place – available to your organization and partners 24/7. Say goodbye to duplicate files and large e-mails!

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All in one place


Improve time to market

Brand control

Web-based Digital Asset Management

Imagine all your creative materials, pictures, videos, presentations, documents, audio and original files gathered in one place – available 24/7 to your organization and partners. Now imagine that it’s all in your web browser.

You can stop imagining!

Upload and organize

All your assets in one place – available 24/7

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Search and filtering

Finding content has never been easier – or faster

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Share and collaborate

Easily share, order and collaborate together

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Make your assets available when you need them

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Upload and organize

Ever had an issue finding the assets you are looking for?

Our system uses Intelligent Recognition to do the heavy lifting for you. File type, orientation, file size, people, color, location, date, scenery and full XMP are automatically discovered and made searchable. You can even teach the system to recognize your logo, colleagues, special buildings or anything else!

Focus on something more important – using your assets

Supports everything – right out of the box

Upload multiple files with drag-and-drop


Supports every file format!

Automatic preview of pictures, video, audio, multi-page pdf, PowerPoint, Word and much more


Batch upload and edit multiple assets at the same time

Let the system help you organize

Intelligent Recognition of file type, orientation, people, color, location, date, scenery and much more

Teach the system to recognize your logo, colleagues, special buildings and more!

Full support for Adobe’s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) – all metadata made available for search

Say goodbye to duplicate copies


Easily organize assets without copying the original file


Lightboxes makes it easy to collect several assets fast

Make Lightboxes private, available to all users, in plugins or templates – the choice is yours

Full access over asset history and possibility to download historical versions

Be a team – work as a team

Let your entire organization contribute to finding assets faster!

Everyone can add tags to an entire or part of a picture – even tag colleagues

Let the experts locate important objects in your pictures – find them easy with the Zoom to Tag-feature


Comment on assets to discuss best practice for use

Add your rating to an asset for easier discovery. Higher rated assets gets better placement in search results.

Do a quick search or a faceted search – finding content has never been easier – or faster.

Search and you will find


Search in separate archives or use Global Search to search trough all your assets at once!

Search through text in your Word, PDF's and PowerPoint presentations


See what page your search result was found on and open your document on that page

You choose the view

Use the different view-modes to change the look of your search results


Zoomed-view lets you see the best of your assets by zooming in on the main object

See orientation and full preview with Padded View


See full description and all pages in List View – perfect for documents

Geo-tagged images automatically show up in Map View, making it easy to find by location

Find exactly what you are looking for


Faceted search makes it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for

Continue to search within your result to narrow the results down further

Narrow down your search result even further using filters for categories, file-type, tags, people, geolocation, scenery and much more

Share, order and collaborate

Easily share assets, search results and Lightboxes with coworkers, external partners or to social media. Order stock or on-demand articles with a single click.

Say goodbye to heavy emails

No need for big attachments in emails – send links to large files, videos and pictures directly!

Easily download an entire Lightbox or individual files


Share files safe and securely

Expiration dates gives your full control over what you share

Allow uploads for easy collaboration with external partners or photographers

Get ready to go mobile

Introducing DAM Connect

Store pictures, video, documents and presentations offline

Fullscreen presentation mode

Share assets directly

Upload files directly to your DAM

Collaboration couldn’t be easier


Found something you want to share? Send a direct message to your colleague for instant notification in Notification Center

Share direct links, entire Lightboxes, search results or your current view – by e-mail or directly to social media like Facebook

Allow uploads for easy collaboration with external partners or photographers

Order stock or on-demand articles with a single click

Connect templates for on-demand ordering of business cards, posters, flyers etc.


Customize on-demand articles directly

Connect with your preferred printer for easy ordering of ready made marketing material

Available when you need it

The Media Bank (DAM) can be integrated with a range of services and programs.

Web-ads and Web-to-Print

Connect templates for on-demand ordering of business cards, posters, flyers, web-ads etc.

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Brand Book

Integrate directly to your Brand Book for always updated logos, profile material, presentations and more

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Website CMS

Insert pictures, videos and other assets directly from your website CMS (EPI Server etc.). 

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Microsoft Office

Insert pictures, slides or entire presentations directly from PowerPoint.

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Our MRM products

Our MRM-products can be used standalone – but put them together and they create a strong online marketing platform designed to help you manage your brand and marketing with speed, control and cost efficiency.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration


Google Ad-words

Google Ad-words


Invitation & Event

Invitation & Event


Survey & Questionnaires

Survey & Questionnaires

Budget & Spend Management

Budget & Spend Management

Statistics & Reporting

Statistics & Reporting