We are proud to inform that Mitsubishi Motors Norway has chosen BrandMaster as their Marketing Resource Management system.

Mitsubishi Motors Norway will use the BrandMaster MRM-system to control and strengthen the Mitsubishi brand in Norway and gather and simplify the processes between their marketing department, advertising agency and local dealerships.

A proven MRM-system within the automotive industry

Marius Rosenberg Amundsen, Chief Marketing Officer Mitsubishi Motors Norway

Marius Rosenberg Amundsen, Chief Marketing Officer Mitsubishi Motors Norway

– BrandMaster is a proven MRM-system within the automotive industry. This was a major factor during the process to choose a system to help us to further strengthen and develop the Mitsubishi brand in Norway says Marius Rosenberg Amundsen, Chief Marketing Officer Mitsubishi Motors Norway.

Mitsubishi Motors Norway has 62 dealerships spread throughout Norway, both standalone and self-owned, selling cars and doing marketing in collaboration with Mitsubishi centrally. The Marketing department at Mitsubishi and their advertising agency creates marketing material to the dealerships. This consists of both finished material and material that can be adapted to local needs.

This job has previously been tedious as finished material has been made available on the intranet and changes and local adaptation had to be performed by the advertising agency.

– This is a challenge we see several companies having says Gunnar Larsen, CEO at BrandMaster. Advertising agencies are good at planning and creating creative campaigns – that is what they should prioritize. The days when advertising agencies use their time on proofing and small adjustments in format or content is over. By making flexible templates available through a MRM-system you secure consistent branding, but at the same time giving local departments or dealerships the possibility to make adjustments he continues.

Saves both time and money

Mitsubishi Motors Norway will implement BrandMaster MRM-system across several stages. First stage will be to set up a system to replace today’s solution. Through BrandMaster’s Digital Asset Management-solution (DAM) and Brand Centre-Technology local dealerships will have easy access to material for each car model. Locally adjustable templates are also a part of this stage.

– This will simplify and professionalize our work says Marius Rosenberg Amundsen. Today the dealerships are dependant on our advertising agency to make small adjustments and local adjustments – these are tasks we now hope the dealerships will solve themselves. We want to be even more consistent in our marketing. Our goal is seamless collaboration and coordination with our dealerships – this will save both time and money at every stage once the system is implemented he continues.

The next stage will utilise BrandMaster MRM-system for planning and executing marketing activities through Campaign Manager and ordering ready-made and on-demand material through the Marketing Shop.

About Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is one of the worlds largest car manufacturer, know for their well priced Japanese quality products. They have been present in Norway since 1975 and celebrated last year their 40th anniversary in Norway. They are amongst the leading companies on Hybrid vehicles, and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the most sold car within the Hybrid segment in Norway.