We are proud to announce that the Norwegian political party Venstre has chosen BrandMaster as their MRM system.

In autumn 2017 there is parliamentary election in Norway. Leading up to the election Venstre will utilize BrandMaster MRM system, a system aimed at simplifying the marketing processes while ensuring consistent brand.
Venstre is the oldest political party in Norway and consists of 348 local branches and 19 county branches. In addition to centrally driven campaigns and activities they run several local activities.

Streamline the brand and marketing processes

Ole Bruseth, Kommunikasjonsrådgiver Venstre

Ole Bruseth, Communications Advisor Venstre

– Previously, it was up to each local branch to produce brochures and marketing material with locally adapted message. Brand guidelines was present, but the responsibility to apply them correctly was up to each branch. This generated assorted results. Now, our goal is to enhance this process and offer tools that both streamline the marketing process and secure the overall brand says Ole Bruseth Communications Advisor at Venstre.

Venstre has been using several different tools to cover parts of the functionality BrandMaster offer. Flickr and their website has been used to share images, a Web-to-publish tool has been used for adverts and brochures and a web shop has been used to order readymade marketing material. Now they can gather this functionality in one system.

– Initially we were looking for a tool to replace the solution we were using for template-based work towards print and digital media, but with BrandMaster we get a complete marketing system. BrandMaster will become the center of our election campaign and will support both central and local activities.

MRM-system the center of the election campaign

During the election campaign a lot of activities happen simultaneously, both centrally and locally. On the internet, in print and in the streets. A big part of the election campaign consists of handing out flyers and brochures, through ads and in social media. Things need to happen fast. It is crucial that material, templates and guidelines are available and ready to be used.

– During an election things happen fast. Brochures and flyers need to be produced and handed out, ads and infographics need to be adjusted for local needs and distributed. We are dependent of a stable and user friendly tool.

By using one system for several different functions Venstre will achieve immediate synergies. Ready-made material and images can easily be downloaded from the Media Bank in the correct size and format or used in other parts of the system. Either by making it available through the Brand Center or by using it in the Template Technology.

– We want to utilize BrandMaster as our internal information-channel during the election. We will inform about activities and campaigns and connect relevant material like pictures and templates. This gives us possibilities we have not had in the past and makes the local election work much easier.

Both local and central images will be made available through the Media Bank. BrandMaster’s unique Template Technology for print and web ads let’s Venstre create templates themselves by uploading InDesign-files. Both central and local users can easily download ready-made material and pictures or create and order locally adapted material.

We welcome Venstre as customer and look forward to exciting cooperation in the years to come.