Brand Center

Brand Center

Protect your brand.
Communicate your marketing.

Communicate everything brand and marketing,
at any time – to any device

The Brand Center gives employees and partners a personalized experience tailored to your brand. Communicate brand voice, brand guidelines, marketing campaigns and activities. Connect images, videos, documents, logos, fonts, orderable items and templates. Everything is live and up to date.

Brand Book

Online Brand Book

Bring your brand alive

Start by inspiring. Tell the brand story, how to communicate in the brand voice and the history that started it all. Provide guidelines and the do’s and don’ts when communicating the brand. Connect assets, templates and orderable items to minimize efforts and maximize the chances to achieve correct communication. Our template technology allows templates to be prepopulated with suggested messaging, images and partner data.

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Marketing Communication

Marketing communication

Communicate plans and goals

Make sure planned activities get the desired effect. Employees influence implementation and achievement, whether it is increase in sales of existing products, increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction or bring new products to market. Communicate marketing plan, objectives and associated budgets internally. Gather information and assets – connect assets, templates and orderable items, link to plans and external services.

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Fully customizable

A personalized experience,
tailored to your brand

Using the latest web technologies, we make your Brand Center a physical representation of your brand. Same user experience on desktop, tablets and mobile devices makes guidelines and information available from every device at any time. Control language and content visibility by user groups or business areas to create a truly personalized experience.

Live and up to date

Connect assets, templates and orderable items

Connect images, videos, documents, logos, fonts, orderable items and templates and stop worrying about outdated material. Every change you make to assets, templates and orderable items are automatically displayed. Connect an entire Lightbox of images or material and watch as new items magically appear. With an online Brand Center, the latest updates are always available.

Self service

No training needed

Our Brand Center CMS is made solely for creating, building and managing a Brand Center. No need for expensive software or education – no more waiting for designers or agencies. Let multiple people update your Brand Center directly from a web browser and give your organization and external partners instant access to up to date information.

Ready to transform the way you work?

Performance analytics

See how your content performs

See how your content performs and work smarter to deliver better results. See what assets are downloaded and shared, see what templates performs the best and what pages are the most popular. Find content that need’s updating or internal marketing to perform better.

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Our services

We are here to help

Our knowledge and experience are always available to help you succeed with your implementation and usage of BrandMaster MRM. As customer you have a dedicated account manager to support you, backed by a team of experts.

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Campaign Manager

Plan, coordinate and execute
marketing activities

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Media Bank

Make digital assets available to
organization and partners 24/7

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