Event Management

Create, promote and host
professional events

Invite to concerts, seminars and customer gatherings

Events has become a big part of marketing. With the Campaign Manager, you get everything you need to plan, coordinate and execute company events. Create and host both free and paid events, like seminars, concerts, workshops, social gatherings and company kick off.


Plan and prepare for any occasion

Find the perfect timing and set up your event from scratch or from a predefined template. Add event information and prepare tickets. Build a responsive landing page with registration and information. Connect templates for email and landing page for an on-brand experience. Make event related items orderable and use our web-to-print technology to create personalized name tags, table signs and diplomas. Make sure everything is ready for the big day!


Promote your events

Host private events or invite to events with open registration. Promote your events by SMS and email, or share events through your website or social media. Direct, scheduled and condition based communication lets you predefine the entire communication cycle. Landing pages are responsive and look great on any device. See real-time reporting on attendance and statistics from communication and landing page. You are in control every step of the way.


Mobile check-in app

Order products, brand and marketing material through the Marketing Shop. Create personalized name tags, table signs and diplomas using our web-to-print technology. When the big day comes – everything is ready. Use our check-in web app to get full control over attendance and check in attendees directly from the list, using QR-codes or manually. Get full control over who has checked in and over attendees not yet arrived.

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See the real effect of your marketing

Our reporting tool gives you an easy overview of system usage and in-depth ­knowledge about how your content performs throughout the organization. Stop guessing and see what campaigns and content are successful. Connect with your other ­management systems to see even more effect.

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Integrations & API

Connect to your CRM system

Connect with your CRM system to sync contacts and loyalty groups automatically. Ensure correct and updated target groups. Our Developer API and Plugin framework makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications and services.

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