Marketing Shop

Let employees order
branded material themselves

Make the workflow for creating and ordering brand & marketing material, products and services entirely self-service

The Marketing Shop puts you in charge of what can be ordered. Create shop articles, add pricing and ordering details like unit, bulk, price and discounts. Connect to vendor or media group of your choice. Reduce workload, shorten time-to-market, minimize errors and secure branding.

Orderable items

Products, brand & marketing material, advertising, tickets and services
can all be made orderable

Brand material

Brand material

Brand material like business cards, envelopes, signs, etc. can be made orderable from pre-produced material or created on-demand using template technology. Name, contact information and other information can be pre-filled using Datasets from logged in user or department.

Marketing material

Marketing material

Marketing material like flyers, brochures, presentation folders, menus, etc. can be made orderable from pre-produced material or created on-demand using template technology. Make it possible to localize or translate marketing material before ordering. Contact information can be pre-filled using Datasets from logged in user or department.



Both printed ads and digital ads can be made orderable either from pre-produced material or created on-demand using template technology. Responsive resizing makes it possible to create flexible templates that scales to different sizes but still align to brand guidelines. Reduce the number of templates and scale the number of creatives.



Order physical products like clothing, giveaways, computer equipment, office furniture, etc. Make it easy to order company branded products in an easy manner. Add extra information to the order by building custom forms. Order notification is sent directly to the department or vendor.



Campaign Manager is a powerful event handling tool giving you all the tools you need to successfully create and execute on-brand events and accommodating communication. Take your events to the next level by introducing tickets. Charge for attendance and check in attendees with web app.


Order services from your agency and designers, help from the IT-department or a contact list from the CRM-system. Anything can be ordered by building customs forms with our advanced form builder. Make it possible to order services and make sure all needed information is present in the order.

Vendor & media group

Control vendors and media groups

With your own marketing shop you have control of vendors and media groups. Article pricing or vendor can be updated without disturbing the ordering process. Media groups make sure distribution of ads, job advertisements etc. get sent to the correct media. Get full audit trail of every order and see when orders are received and when connected assets are downloaded.


Gather in Webshop, or show in context

Build your own Webshop, or show orderable items in context of a page, marketing activity, archive or search. Connect orderable items directly to a page in the Brand Center or a marketing activity in the Campaign Manager. or gather every orderable item in a Webshop and give employees easy overview of every item that can be ordered, create collections with multiple items for easy ordering. 

Ready to transform the way you work?

Track volume, control cost

Gain control over volume and costs

Get an easy overview over ordered items and gain full control over cost and quantity – for the entire organization. Easily see what items or categories generates the most orders by year, quarter or month and see what items stay on shelf. You are in control, every step of the way.

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Integrations & API

Connect to your HR or ERP system

Connect Marketing Shop to your HR or ERP system. Using Single Sign On, users and departments can be managed and billed automatically. Our Developer API and Plugin framework makes it easy to integrate with your existing applications and services.

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Template Technology

Secure brand- and
marketing consistency

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Campaign Manager

Plan, coordinate and execute
marketing activities

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