Media Bank

DAM – all in one place

Make digital assets available for your organization and partners 24/7

Our Media Bank is our Digital Asset Management system and serves as the foundation of BrandMasters solutions and the key to a smooth marketing automation process. The Media Bank is a single location to gather, organize and make available digital assets like marketing material, images, presentations, documents, templates, videos and more. This ensures that your organization always uses the correct material and you ensure brand consistency.

DAM Connect

Take your ­digital assets with you

Our app for iPhone and iPad lets you take your digital assets with you – wherever you go. Browse or search through your Lightboxes and sync offline. Take pictures, add name, description and tags and upload directly to your media bank archive.

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Upload and organize

Control your digital assets

Drag and drop assets directly from your desktop, or upload with our mobile apps. Control ownership, restrictions and expiration. Intelligent Recognition together with easy categorization and tagging makes every  media asset easy to organize. File type, text content, orientation, file size, people, color, location, date, scenery and full XMP are automatically discovered and made searchable. Version control gives you full access to asset history and possibility to download historical versions.

Search and filtering

Finding content has never been easier – or faster

Search through one of your archives or all your content. Search through text in documents and metadata in images to find ­exactly what you are looking for. Our diversed searchengine let’s you continue to refine your search, until you have found exactly what you are looking for.

Share and collaborate

Avoid heavy e-mails and share digital assets via our Media Bank

Work together to create the best content – then share it with the rest of your company – or the world. Comment, rate and tag documents and images together. Share assets, search results and Lightboxes with coworkers, external partners or to other channels like web, print or PowerPoint using our template technology and plugins and integrations.

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