Template Technology


Create responsive email templates that look great on any device. Predefine content or give creative freedom without breaking brand consistency. Stylesheets and Sections make sure emails are always on-brand.



Pre-populate templates with contact information based on logged in user or department. Combine with Asset Libraries to display correct logo together with contact information.


Create flexible templates that scale to different sizes but still align to your brand guidelines. Reduce the number of templates and scale the number of emails.


Search and insert approved images from the Media Bank. Correct cropping, size and format are created on the fly by the system.


Pre-designed stylesheets make sure emails always are on-brand. End-users can only choose between predefined styles with brand fonts and colors.


Pre-designed sections containing multiple elements makes building emails easy. A section can include for example text, image and button.


Edit text, change graphics and make edits to the layout. Every change is made in real time and reflected instantly in the layout. What you see is truly what your get!

Campaign Manager

Plan and execute Email Campaigns

Reach your target group on any device at any time. Create responsive email campaigns tailored to your brand and measure performance in real time.

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Our services

Need help designing or coding?

Our award winning design department have years of experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands. We make sure your email campaigns, landing pages and Brand Center get the attention they deserve!

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Template Technology

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