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Landing page

A landing page created in BrandMaster Campaign Manager and our Template Technology will allow you to create responsive landing pages optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Your message, event information, survey or more is presentetd on a branded web page.

Target group

Predefine target groups for your event campaigns or let users upload their own lists. Connect to CRM system to ensure   updated lists.


Create questionnaire with attendance question and any other event specific questions. Questions can trigger condition based communication by SMS or e-mail ensuring an effective communication flow.


Pre-fill event name, description, budget and related campaign. Minimize the efforts and maximize the chances to achieve correct communication.


Edit text, change graphics and reorder your pages. Every change is made in real time and reflected instantly in the layout. What you see is truly what your get!


Pre-designed stylesheets make sure landing pages always are on-brand. End-users can only choose between predefined styles with brand fonts and colors.

Approved assets

Search and insert approved images from the Media Bank. Share images, marketing material or presentations directly on the landing page – ready to download.

Our services

Need help designing or coding your e-mail marketing campaigns?

Our award winning design department have years of experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands. We make sure your email campaigns, landing pages and Brand Center get the attention they deserve!

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Collect all your brand- and marketing assets in one place

Make digital assets available for your organization and partners 24/7

Obtain your message and brand consistency, regardless of local adaption and needs

Make the workflow for creating and ordering brand & marketing material, products and services entirely self-service

Efficiently plan, coordinate, and execute marketing activities, email campaigns, events and surveys