Template Technology

Web Ads

Create responsive web ad templates with animations, transitions and localisation without breaking brand consistency. Our template technology is true WYSIWYG and let’s you see ­exactly how the end result will be.


Animations & transitions

Include animations and transitions to make your ads come to life. Make objects appear from the sides, fade in or out and a lot more!

HTML5 & Flash

Create your web ad in every format simultaneously. Download or order every format with one click: HTML5, Flash, Gif and fallback images in PNG and JPG.

Element control

Control what can be changed, what must be changed and what are locked in your templates. Provide local flexibility and protect both brand and message.


Pre-populate templates with contact information based on logged in user or department. Combine with Asset Libraries to display correct logo together with contact information.


Create flexible templates that scale to different sizes but still align to your brand guidelines. Reduce the number of templates and scale number of creatives.


Edit text, change graphics and make edits to the layout. Every change is made in real time and reflected instantly in the layout. What you see is truly what your get!

Approved images

Insert approved images from pre-approved selection or search through the Media Bank. Correct cropping, size and format are created on the fly by the system.

InDesign server

Convert InDesign files into templates in seconds. Layout behavior and rules makes it possible with flexible templates without breaking brand consistency.

Marketing Shop

Make your templates orderable

Connect your templates to a media group and let end-users order customised or localised web ads themselves.

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Our services

Need help designing or coding?

Our award winning design department have years of experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands. We make sure your email campaigns, landing pages and Brand Center get the attention they deserve!

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Template Technology

The perfect balance between
central control and local freedom

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