“The Brand Hub is an essential tool for our brand building activities across all markets. The latest updates are always available.”

Anne Gro Gulla Vice President & Head of Group Brand | Group Commercial, Telia Company

Telia launching their new brand

In 2016 Telia rebrands several of its markets with a new design and brand promise. The new brand assets and guidelines are provided to the ­different countries using Telia BrandHub with technology from BrandMaster.

In this BrandMaster Case Story you will learn how Telia serve their multiple markets with guidelines and marketing assets and provide over 4000 users with the correct assets and ­information at the right time.

Telia Company
Telia Company (former ­TeliaSonera) was founded in the 1850’s and has been a pioneer in the telecom ­industry and one of the inventors of mobile technology and the GSM-standard. They are headquartered in Sweden and have 21.000 employees serving millions of customers.

Becoming a more unified group under the Telia Brand

Telia Company has strong local knowledge of its different markets through their local brands. Strong brands like Netcom, Eesti Telekom, TeliaSonera, and Sonera. With their new design and brand promise they wanted to build on that knowledge to create a brand with global brand position and local relevance. The new brand is introduced in Scandinavia and the Baltics. In Norway and Estonia the new name Telia is also introduced.

To make this change possible multiple markets needed an easy way to change their profile and brand related material. New guidelines and best practice advice had to be communicated to every employee and partner, and old and new assets needed to be available at the same time in order to cater for a roll-out plan that was adapted to local needs.

This means that the old assets and guidelines should remain intact and access needs to be controlled on asset and user level to ensure that the correct guidelines and assets are available to the right people – at the right time.

To achieve this Telia was dependent on a powerful solution for their brand assets and a partner with knowledge of the subject to help them achieve their goal.





The Telia Brand comes to life

The new brand is rolled out gradually to the different markets. This means that user and asset rights have to to be set up to ensure that the correct assets are available to the correct people at the right time. This means that companies with the Telia brand get access to the new assets and guidelines, while the companies in the process of switching have access to both old and new resources. Everything is done through the same system.

Telia’s new BrandHub consists of information about the new brand, best practice advice, guidelines and material for brand related activities. It contains guidelines and downloadable assets for all communication channels incl. web, social media, print, image, video and mobile apps. Everything is gathered in one place making it easy to secure consistent branding across markets and channels. Powerful search ties it all together making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Through BrandMaster’s Brand Book ­technology Telia has built both the structure and pages for the Telia BrandHub.

The solution is completely self-service making it fast and easy to change or update content and information. Information and assets are seamlessly tied together and shown side by side. Assets are uploaded, tagged and managed through the Digital Asset Management system. This gives Telia full control of categorization, tagging, usage rights and versioning. When assets are updated in the DAM the BrandHub is ­automatically updated as well, making sure every asset always displays correctly.

Launching their new brand – with great success

With every asset and related information gathered in the same system Telia has gotten an easy way to provide their markets with up to date guidelines and information. Every approved employee and partner has access to the right assets and information at all times.

The Telia BrandHub is created with a mobile first perspective which means that users get instant access to brand guidelines and assets whenever they need – even from their smartphone.

Over 4000 users rely on the Telia BrandHub to provide them with the correct assets and ­information at the correct time.

Telia has been a BrandMaster customer since 2011 and the system has been upgraded to support this rebranding process.

The Brand Hub is an essential tool for our brand building activities across all markets. The latest updates are always available.

Anne Gro Gulla

Vice President & Head of Group Brand | Group Commercial, Telia Company


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