Events has become a big part of marketing. With Campaign Manager you can plan and execute all your company events. Now you can take your events to the next level – introducing tickets.

Events has become a big part of marketing. Everything from free breakfast seminars to customers gatherings and company kick off. Numbers from Sweden shows that event marketing represented over 5 % of total marketing spend in 2015, and the numbers are growing year over year.

With Campaign manager you get an all in one tool to plan, coordinate and execute your marketing campaigns and activities. Campaign Manager is a powerful event handling tool giving you all the tools you need to successfully create and execute on-brand events and accommodating communication.

Now you can take your events to the next level by introducing tickets. Charge for attendance and check in attendees using our new handy check in web app. Read more below or learn more about Campaign Manager here.

Add event to calendar – Outlook and more

When hosting events you want your attendees to save the date in their calendar. With Campaign Manager you simply add a link in your communication to let attendees add your event in calendars like Outlook Calendar, iCal, Gmail Calendar and others.

The system automatically populates the calendar event with date(s), location, title and description from your event.

Add tickets to your events

New possibilities in Campaign Manager let’s you add tickets to your events! Define quantity, price and more.

Tickets can be purchased using Netaxept and attendees can be checked in used the accompanying web app.

Check in attendees with web app

With our handy Check In web app you can easily check in attendees. Check in attendees directly from the list, with QR-code or manually.

Get full control over who has checked in and over attendees not yet arrived.