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The brand management platform where the results speak for themselves

Brand Management platform created for marketing professionals

We know that branding has a direct impact on the bottom line, helping to achieve the profit and growth that every business wants. If it sounds simple, the reality is quite different. So, what does it take for a brand to work its magic? Have a look at our brand management platform and see for yourself. 


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What can we do for your industry?

What can we do for your industry?

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Time to market

How quickly are you able to respond to market changes and deliver material as requested and how much does it cost your company?

How many people are involved in order to deliver

Average month requests

Average Labour cost or Agency cost per hour


Annual savings

Asset creations

Local social media channels or other local activities that requires tailored assets is time consuming. How much does your company spend on local support?

Average weekly request

Average creation time in hours

Labour cost or Agency cost per hour


Annual savings

Creating dynamic adverts

Creating, adapting, publishing, adjusting. What are the costs of your dynamic advertising excluding advertising costs?

Campaigns (how many campaigns do you run yearly?)

Number of variations (sizes, languages,…)

Labour cost or Agency cost per hour


Annual savings

brand identity development

A brand management platform with 100% brand focus

Where brands are concerned, consistency builds trust – with employees, customers, and stakeholders. So, it’s essential that everyone involved plays their part, knows what’s expected of them and has access to the correct assets.

We believe the solution is to build a system that’s focused exclusively on your brand.  This establishes the principles that determine how the brand is created, communicated, and managed. In this way, quality is assured, deadlines are met, and brand consistency is never compromised.

Share your brand assets
Share your digital assets
Share your brand
Cloud-based brand management platform

A complete, single-source brand management platform

BrandMaster is a cloud-based brand management platform designed by and for marketing professionals. Powerful marketing tools are packed and prepared for you and your brand. Making it easier to manage workflows, create great looking communications and deliver projects on time, giving you complete control of your brand.

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Why worldwide brands trust BrandMaster

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Our brand management platform is a must-have for us. It secures dynamic workflows between central marketing and our dealer network and empower proactive working processes instead of ad hoc problem solving. And most importantly, we secure one brand, one voice.

Marie Dellbrant - Head of Communication and Digital, BMW Northern Europe

Helly Hansen image
Helly Hansen image
Digital assets are alpha omega for us. It’s what promotes our products and establishes the grounds for brand growth. With our brand management platform, managing our brand and its assets is at ease and we can focus on our brand development.

Rebecca Sjölander - Trade Marketing and Asset Production Manager, Helly Hansen

With our brand management platform, our creative team and marketing teams have the tools they need for timely and professional campaign executions. Creating attractive visuals for multiple markets, swiftly and relevant is in control with our flexible and efficient solution.

Miia Godwin - Head of Global Brand, HolidayPirates GmbH

Dive into why our brand management platform is the perfect marketing tool

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Plan your marketing activities
Share your marketing plans with ease
Analyse your activity performance


Plan and organize your marketing campaigns & events from one single place

Centralize your brand management
Centralize your brand assets
Centralize your brand guidelines

Centralize & Present

Centralize and present your brand identity, brand assets and marketing communication in one single place

Create brand assets with ease
Share your brand assets
Distribute your brand

Create & Share

Create and share all brand assets and brand templates from one central location

Analyze your marketing performance
Have overview of your planned activities
Analyse your activity performance


Analyze your marketing performance

Integrate your brand management
Powerful integrations for flexible brand management
Expand your brand management


Integrate with 3rd party providers for seamless Brand Management

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