Marketing and Brand Management Solutions

Brand consistency and unified communication in every channel

Marketing and Brand Management Solutions

Brand consistency and unified communication in every channel

What is BrandMaster?

Learn how BrandMaster can be used to handle your Brand Management

Working with multiple creative agencies, dealerships and internal employees across seven countries, this system is a “must have” for us.

Unified communication, the sharing of marketing material and assets from one single platform increases the likelihood of our dealers using our material instead of self-made material. Which again delivers our campaigns with a lot more power and penetration, undisputedly beneficial for the BMW and MINI brand identities.

Marie Dellbrant

Head of Communication and Digital, BMW Northern Europe

We stored images, videos, brand assets such as logos, brand manuals, brand stamps and more on local disks, sharepoint, dropbox and many more locations. Adding this to a fast-changing organization where responsibilities change continuously while increasing focus on digital marketing, it became impossible to control digital asset management responsibly.

Cecilie Wendt

Head of Digital Business Development, Orkla Health

To be preferred as a supplier and succeed with our promotions and sales, we need to provide our resellers with necessary product information and images 24/7.

With the help of BrandMaster, we have created a seamless portal adapted to fit with our organizational and reseller needs. 

Aurora Ellingsen

Communication Project Manager, Kygo Life

It is crucial for us that digital assets are stored in one central location, allowing us to manage usage rights and perform maintenance, ensuring that we always have the correct and most up to date assets available to our sales representatives, resellers and customers.

Rebecca Sjölander

Trade Marketing and Asset Production Manager, Helly Hansen

With BrandMaster we collect all our pictures to make it easy for employees all over the country to see and “borrow” from each other. We also collect all marketing materials, like house prospectuses and ads, to make it easy for our sales staff to see and get inspired by marketing efforts by other offices.

Katrine Neergaard

Marketing Consultant, Block Watne

Our global setup demands fast deliveries of a diverse selection of marketing materials. It is essential that we can deliver on time regardless of restaurant or time zone while staying true to our brand.

Having a brand management platform with everything in one place, is an essential demand for seamless organizational operations.

Mikaela Bäckius

Project Manager Brand, O'Learys


Created for easy brand management, unified communication and marketing management

Brand Management

Control and manage your brand with seamless brand management solutions and establish brand consistency.

Marketing Management

Accomplish effective and measurable marketing unified communication with marketing management solutions.

Employer Brand Management

Establish organizational values through employee branding. Utilize the power of your brand advocates.


Our value proposition contain the following applications

Brand Management solutions with powerful marketing ools

Brand Center

Bring life to your brand, digitalize your brand strategy, communication and marketing.

Digital Asset Management - DAM software for companies

Media Bank

Collect, organize and share with a powerful digital asset management solution.

Online brand design templates for easy workflows and brand consistency

Template Technology

Ensure brand consistency through all channels with online design templates.

Plan your marketing activities online with Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

Organize and execute all your brand and marketing activities in one central place.


Ensure brand consistency in all platforms and markets

Marketing Shop

Make all your brand and marketing assets available for ordering.

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Optimize your marketing and brand management

Collect all digital assets in one media archive


Collect all your brand and marketing assets, activities, guidelines, templates and more in one location and digitalize your tasks.

Organize your digital assets in one media archive


Organize your content to suit your requirements and your organizations user patterns. Our products are tailored to your needs.

Share your brand- and marketing assets, content and activities


Share your brand and marketing assets, activities, guidelines, templates and more in one central location and achieve effective and seamless workflows.

Why BrandMaster?

All in one place, always updated, always available.


Get a head of your competitors with with immidiate production and distribution of any material.


Know the details and value of your marketing expenses and stop wasting your budget on zero revenue activities.

Increase efficiency

Automate time consuming tasks and free time for profitable activities.


Reuse and adapt

Bring your templates online and allow for self-serviced localization of any graphic material.

All in one place

Establish a hub for all your applications and processes through single sign-on.


Protect Intellectual Property

Protect what is rightfully yours and avoid loosing valuable assets.