With the support for question routing, contingency questions and new question type Matrix we are proud to say we support the creation of advanced questionaries!

Questionaries are a powerful tool to gather information and feedback from your employees and customers. With our easy to use questionnaire builder anyone can build powerful questionaries – on-brand. With the Campaign Manager you have had the possibility to build questionaries for a long time, but with these new features you can do even more.

Read on to learn about the new features we have added and see how you can build powerful questionnaires.

Give your questions an introduction

New question settings makes it possible to provide extra information to your questions. This makes it easy to provide instructions or information about the question or a product or service.

Drag and drop everything in place

Drag and drop makes creating questionaries easy. Just drag the question type you want into position and fill in your question and answer alternatives. If you need to rearrange questions just drag to the desired position.

New question type – Matrix

Different questions needs different question types. In addition to checkbox, radio-buttons, drop-down and open answer we now have a brand new question type – Matrix. Matrix let’s you create complex questions with multiple choice and answers. Questions are placed under each other, forming a matrix with response categories along the top and a list of questions down the side. This is an efficient use of space and the respondents’ time.

Build conditions and guide your respondents through the survey

Guide your respondents through the questionnaire and show questions based on earlier answers. Combine page breaks and conditions to create routing and show a page of questions based on earlier responses. Combine different answers with AND / OR conditions for powerful routing possibilities.

Contingency questions

Create questions that is shown only if the respondent gives a particular response to a previous question. This avoids asking questions to people that do not apply to them.

Separate your questions with page breaks

For long questionaries page breaks are a necessity. You can now drag and drop a page break anywhere in your questionnaire!

Keep privacy intact with anonymous response

Privacy is key. Sometimes anonymous response is the only way to get the answers you are after. We now support anonymous responses that keeps the respondent safe but provides you with all the answers. You can see and export statistics and answers like before – the only thing missing is respondent data.

Build powerful templates

Templates make everything easy and makes sure everything is on-brand. With our powerful template tool you can create templates for questionaries and provide to your organization. Provide finished questionaries or a base they can work of from. Predefine communication and reminders by email or SMS.