Starting February 1st, Jean-Marc König was appointed Managing Director of BrandMaster GmbH to strengthen the customer centric focus and market presence of the company in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 

[Stuttgart, 11th February 2020] | BrandMaster, a global company with a Scandinavian heritage is magnifying their European footprint and establishing an office in Stuttgart, Germany. For over 20 years, BrandMaster has developed and provided marketing and brand management solutions to brands worldwide. As local Managing Director, Jean-Marc will be responsible for BrandMaster’s business in the DACH-region, securing a solid market presence and continuous growth.  

With a stable growth in international accounts, BrandMaster counts 600 000 users and 350 customers. It is essential that we consolidate our forces for a sharper and tighter presence with our customers and the European market going forward, says Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO BrandMaster. The decision to establish an office in Germany is based on BrandMaster’s already proven track-record in this region, successful partnerships with agencies like DGM Kommunikation or Geyst, as well as the DACH market being advanced with marketing technology for some time already which will support additional growth.

Enforcing our European presence enables us to have a more hands-on approach and service offering. Additionally, a closer market presence allows us to acquire swifter market knowledge which consequently allocates improved product and service offerings”. Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO BrandMaster

BrandMaster is excited for Jean-Marc König joining our team, says Karl Fredrik Lund. His knowledge from the industry and the DACH market will be a great asset to us.  Jean-Marc König comes with a track record with 10 years + in the Martech space.  In his previous role he was leading International Sales at BrandMaker, helping to grow the business with new customers internationally. Prior to his sales role, Jean-Marc implemented Marketing Resource Management and Brand Management systems for customers in Germany and across Europe. His academic background is in Sales Engineering, IT and Management. He holds a Master of Engineering from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Science from ISC Paris. 

I’m thrilled to join BrandMaster at this exciting stage of their international expansion and contribute to the growth in the DACH market. I believe the company is well positioned to succeed with its high emphasis on world-class UX and dedication to customer success. The product has been market-leading in Scandinavia as well as Europe for several years. In the DACH-region we already have strong brands like Mercedes-Benz, Grenke and SIX who have trusted us for years. To me these are excellent testimonials and a solid foundation for establishing this subsidiary and investing in the market. Jean-Marc König, Managing Director, BrandMaster GmbH.


About BrandMaster

BrandMaster was established in 1998 and has since then grown to become one of Europe’s leading marketing and branding software solution companies. Based on a 100% SaaS enabled delivery model, BrandMaster has created a solid application platform contributing to a “one place for all your brand and marketing”. With offices in Oslo, Stockholm, London, Stuttgart, New York, Tallinn and Zlin (Czech Republic), BrandMaster has 90 employees delivering solutions to over 350 brands and 600 000 users worldwide.

Premier League brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW Nordic, Helly Hansen, Circle K, Bergans, Bridgestone, Careem, Equinor and many more valued customers have for years successfully trusted BrandMaster with their marketing and brand management platform.

About Marketing and Brand Management software

Marketing and Brand Management software support Companies in collecting, organizing and sharing all marketing and brand assets and activities in one place – ultimately achieving brand consistency and unified communication through all channels. The software platform streamlines work processes and create enhanced efficiency through improved control, creation and distribution in one common platform. Digital asset management, online design templates, online brand books, communication, marketing material distribution, campaign and activity management and more, are some of the key functionalities in a marketing and brand management software.

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Karl Fredrik Lund
CEO, BrandMaster
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Jean-Marc König
Managing Director DACH, BrandMaster
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