Brand Management perfectly suited for retail brands

Manage your digital assets with style. Collect and distribute to all shareholders from one platform. Learn how.

Brand Management perfectly suited to retail brands

Manage your digital assets with style. Collect and distribute to all shareholders from one platform. Learn how.

Brand Management perfectly suited for retail brands

Manage your digital assets with style. Collect and distribute to all shareholders from one platform. Learn how.

Becoming a preferred vendor amongst your retailers is important if you want to become the preferred choice amongst your consumers.

With a brand management solution in place, communicating your brand and getting that competitive edge is easy. Store all your digital assets, brand initiatives and marketing efforts in one platform and execute locally.

Whether you need to keep your digital assets in order or distribute product information and promotions, our product suits are created to help you get in front.

With seamless workflows between central marketing and local execution it becomes easy for resellers to embrace your brand.

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Central marketing efforts executed locally with ease

Retail references

Helly Hansen

Digital assets are alpha omega in our industry. Our digital assets help us market and sell our products to our customers and resellers. It helps us at Helly Hansen to grow stronger and larger as a brand. Without a solution to handle our assets, we would be forced to increase manual labour and the work and processes would decrease efficiency immensely.

It is crucial for us that digital assets are stored in one central location, allowing us to manage usage rights and perform maintenance, ensuring that we always have the correct and most up to date assets available to our sales representatives, resellers and customers.

Rebecca SjölanderTrade Marketing and Asset Production Manager, Helly Hansen


Our global setup demands fast deliveries of a diverse selection of marketing materials. It is essential that we can deliver on time regardless of restaurant or time zone while staying true to our brand.

Having a brand management platform with everything in one place, is an essential demand for seamless organizational operations.

Mikaela Bäckius, Project Manager Brand, O’Learys


To be preferred as a supplier and succeed with our promotions and sales, we need to provide our resellers with necessary product information and images 24/7. With the help of BrandMaster, we have created a seamless portal adapted to fit with our organizational and reseller needs. 

Aurora EllingsenCommunication Project Manager, Kygo Life

Fulfilling the needs of retail brands

Our solutions are used by many strong retail brands today. The flexibility within our applications allow our customers to design the solutions most relevant to their brand. From clothing brands, to restaurant or consumer brand – Your brand management will never be the same again.

Distribute and manage assets, customize promotions, localize menus and communicate with one tone of voice. All in one place, available 24/7.

Geographical spread

Time zones


Marketing teams






How can our solutions manage your brand?

Localize menus, launch new collections, release new models, customize marketing material and provide necessary product data. All from one place. 

Solutions created to suit your needs.

Online brand book

Collect everything about your brand, mission, vision, guidelines, strategies and more in one common CMS platform.


Launch management

Launching your latest collection, menus or models has never been easier.

Make sure your latest launch reaches the market exactly as you orchestrate.

Marketing communication

Establish one channel and source for your marketing communication. Make sure you reach all levels of your network without manual effort.

Internal brand building

Make sure everyone knows the core values of your brand and mission. Internal brand building secures consistent brand communication throughout your entire organization.

Media archive

Collect and organize all your digital assets in one place. Make sure your assets are avaialble for download and use 24/7.

Material distribution

Make your promotions, menus, brochures, flyers, posters and more available for all levels of your organization. Make sure everyone can locate, download and use without worries. 

Localize marketing material

Make your menus, promotions, ads, leaflets, flyers, posters and more available for customization online without compromizing your brand. 

Event management

Plan and coordinate local events from a central location. Ensure consistent brand experience regardless of country or timezone.

Immediate savings

Increase your efficieny and improve working processes immediately by streamlining your efforts. 

Time is money

Avoid spending time on non-value added tasks. Automate your working processes and streamline your efforts. 

Double your efficiency

Our experience shows that you double your efficiency by automating your marketing and brand management. Re-use and automation are key factors for this.

How can we help you?

With experience comes knowledge. Through our extensive work with customers in the retail sector our team of consultants are experts in creating effective solutions for consumer brands.

Our team of experts create a tailor-made solution for your business. Through a collaborative implementation process we will provide you with a scalable and flexible platform for managing your brand and marketing.