BrandMaster partner with Canto to bring the power of BrandMaster Marketing Resource Management system to Cumulus Enterprise Digital Asset Management customers!

The collaboration will give Cumulus’ customers the possibility for multi-channel marketing with full control of their brand.

First MRM System to integrate with Cumulus

Canto is committed to digital asset management software and services that solve customer challenges. With the Canto Integration Platform (CIP) Cumulus can be connected to all the systems that the customers already have in use, like CMS, PIM, eCommerce etc. Our strategy has always been to establish standard integrations with the leading vendors in every area and now we are proud to announce that we will integrate with our first Marketing Resource Management system – BrandMaster MRM, says Lucas Schnabel, Business Development Manager at Canto.

– Our ambition is to help our customers take control of their brand in a multi-channel marketing environment that is constantly growing in complexity. Now we can offer these possibilities to even more companies through the integration with Cumulus. We are proud to be the first MRM System (Marketing Resource Management) to integrate with Cumulus and can’t wait to see what Canto’s customers can achieve when they gain access to these possibilities says Gunnar Larsen, CEO of BrandMaster.

Mastering the Brand Management-process

– Digital Asset Management is the cornerstone of any MRM system. This is the place to gather, categorize and rights manage every brand and marketing related asset. The integration allows Cumulus users to bring their assets to other channels and master the Brand Management-process at the same time. The strength lies with every asset still being controlled from the system they know and are accustomed to using. If assets like images or documents are updated or changed in Cumulus this change will be reflected across BrandMaster MRM. This reduces maintenance and allows customers to focus on what is important to them Gunnar continues.

– MRM Systems become more and more important to Canto customers. With this integration customers has a MRM solution that integrates smoothly with Cumulus DAM. This means reduced integration costs for the customer says Lucas.

Cumulus’ customers will gain access to the same possibilities as customers using BrandMaster’s own Digital Asset Management system. They will get tools to manage their brand and marketing with speed, power and control. Learn more about BrandMaster’s features.

About BrandMaster

BrandMaster offers system solutions and services related to Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management (MRM). BrandMaster MRM is an online marketing platform, designed to help you plan, collect, share, adapt, and distribute all marketing – with full control of the brand. Gothia, now BrandMaster, has been working with Canto for several years as partner for the Swedish and Norwegian market.

About Canto and Cumulus

Canto was founded in 1990 and is seen as the inventor of DAM – Digital Asset Management. Today, over 2500 customers worldwide rely on Canto’s expertise and their flagship product, the enterprise Digital Asset Management System Cumulus to secure and repurpose digital assets. The powerful software technology helps companies organize and repurpose important assets and content across regions, teams and geographies.