BrandMaster is proud to inform that we have signed partnership agreement with Advant in Sweden.

Advant Produksjonsbyra partner with BrandMaster

Swedens most appreciated agency

Advant is a Swedish agency with a different mindset. They focus on cost efficient solutions for their customers by reducing the number of people involved in each project – resulting in a quicker and more cost efficient process for their customers.

As part of their vision in becoming Sweden’s most appreciated agency Advant want to offer their customers the best technological solutions on the market.

– We want to offer our customers Sweden’s most appreciated agency. To do that we need to be a modern and future forward agency with access to the most modern technology on the market and be able to offer this as part of our offer. BrandMaster’s Web-to-Print and Web-Ads template-technology is based on InDesign-technology that is familiar both for us and our customers. This makes the transition easy for our customers as well as operation and support easy for us says Mikael Engström, Co-owner Advant.

Makes it easy for the customers

BrandMaster AS offers systems and services for Brand Management and Marketing Resource Management. BrandMaster MRM is an online marketing platform, designed to help you plan, collect, share, adapt, and distribute all your marketing – in every channel.

BrandMaster’s intuitive Web-to-Print and Web-Ads template-technology will be used as quality assurance for analog and digital ads, and to simplify processes for customers. For users, this will result in a simpler and faster process while giving them access to a full market portal (MRM) where they have everything they need at all times – regardless of channel.

Lasting relationship with the customers

BrandMaster’s philosophy is to create lasting relationships and long-standing relations with its customers. This is a philosophy that Advant also have.

– BrandMaster have consistently focused on long-term cooperation with customers instead quick sales. This way, customers can influence the direction of the product, and we can work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for them. Advant has a vision in line with our way of thinking, and we are proud that Advant will sell Brandmaster MRM to their customers says Gunnar Larsen, CEO BrandMaster

– We recognize a lot of ourselves in BrandMaster’s way of thinking with building long-term relationship with its customers and to pursue a lasting cooperation. We have long had close cooperation with various actors in the public sector and helps both governments, municipalities and even the UN with renewal of their digital investment. Brandmaster MRM will be an important tool for us to focus on exactly this says Linda Jonsson, Co-owner / relationship manager Advant.