gothia_and_brandmaster_dealBrandMaster is proud to announce that we have signed partnership agreement with GOTHIA regarding integration against Canto Cumulus DAM-system.

GOTHIA is a consultancy with some of the Nordic countries most sought experts in “Content Marketing” — streamlining of marketing related workflow. GOTHIA helps today to develop marketing departments within the public- and private sector, as well as the many media houses in the region, to optimise processes through better workflow methodologies and optimal support tools as a starting point. GOTHIA’s goal and driving force is always to achieve easier, faster and more efficient job workflow with their customers.

One of GOTHIA’s tools for many years has been the German Canto Cumulus DAM-solution (Digital Asset Management). They are currently a Certified Partner and perhaps the foremost experts in the Nordic region on this system.

As part of their holistic approach to have a complete market portal, GOTHIA have now entered into a partnership agreement with BrandMaster, where integration between the two  will constitute a complete MRM-system (Marketing Resource Management). BrandMasters intuitive WYSYWIG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) template-editorwill be integrated directly into Canto Cumulus DAM-system. For the users, this will feel like a market portal where all they need at any given time – whatever channel.

BrandMaster MRM consist of modules easily integratable with other products and services. This partnership agreement means we will integrate with perhaps the worlds most used DAM-system. This is a major focus area in BrandMaster going forward and a part of our strategy regarding integrating our products with the best solutions on the market.



Gunnar Larsen, CEO BrandMaster