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building a consumer brand with brand management

High volume, low cost – what could be simpler? There’s a lot more to the consumer product market than that and while value for money, convenience and availability still matter, today’s discerning consumers are asking more searching questions. The market is changing fast. It’s more competitive than ever and now offers shoppers greater choice.

Consumer product brands trust BrandMaster

Sales of supermarket own-label products continue to rise, while data-driven marketing is targeting individual customers with tailored propositions. If that wasn’t enough, consumers are now shopping with their conscience. They care about what they buy and want to be associated with brands that share their social values. So, how can a brand stand out with so much going on?

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Understanding the consumer product market

The market has been disrupted by the own-label movement and the emergence of small, niche brands. However, it’s still dominated by major consumer product retailers. While size gives them considerable clout, the task of managing multiple product lines brings with it serious challenges. Our platform is the number one choice for umbrella brands worldwide. It provides the tools to manage and control their product portfolios and coordinate marketing activity simultaneously across different teams and territories. Where management has to be agile and dynamic, the system enables our clients to work more efficiently and achieve higher levels of brand consistency. This is how you build a consumer brand.

Multiple brands and product lines

Single platform solution

Digital asset control

Consumer and retailer audiences

All in one place principle

Advanced research functionality

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With one place for everything, we have complete control of all our brand assets across all umbrella brands – Empowering seamless synergies and cost reductions.

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Our brand platform allows us to communicate our brand across all markets and stores consistent and timely – Building one brand, one voice.



Our solution secures structured collection and distribution of brand assets and marketing collaterals – Making it easy to communicate our brand across all platforms.

Elevating the performance of consumer brands

Speed is of the essence in the world of consumer product marketing. However, this brings with it the potential for things to go wrong, a problem that’s magnified when there are different brands and multiple product lines to keep in line. At any time, there might be thousands of media files in use. Our brand management platform creates a structure that mitigates risk. It enables companies to collect, store and distribute digital assets in one place, categorizing them by brand and file type to make them easy to search and locate. Building a consumer brand is easy with BrandMaster.

Responsive brand management

On-brand customization

Packaging, ads, campaigns and more

Real-time response

Collect, secure, share digital assets

Seamless workflows

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