Technology servicing the growing demand for content

Technological advancements around artificial intelligence as a service, machine learning, automation, multi-cloud innovation and collaboration software are having a massive impact on creative agencies.

The latest technology enables agencies to work smarter with brands to;

  • better connect with consumers
  • measure the effectiveness of their campaigns
  • build out strong brand equity
  • deliver personalised experiences and drive sales

As the demand for content shows no signs of slowing, agencies are under increasing pressure to achieve high levels of speed to market, on a global scale.

Agencies today have to achieve in hours what they used to over weeks. The Guardian

The content marketing industry is projected to grow to $412 billion by 2021, an increase of $217 billion over 5 years ( Technological advancements offer endless opportunities for creative agencies to innovate and create memorable and desirable marketing content. As a result, agencies are investing heavily in content and brand management solutions that steam-line processes, automate campaign creation and make it easy to locate content and assets. As the industry shifts from the traditional “Agency of Record” relationship based on retainers to a combination of in-house agencies and a much more fluid, transactional, project-based environment, the need for speed and flexibility amongst agencies can be underpinned by strong “brand management” technology.

Thanks to the surge of accessible software, MarTech has been democratised, meaning that in-housing has become more feasible. Ruben Schreurs, Digital Decisions.

Where is the investment?

Collaboration and Sharing:

As the pressures on agencies continues to grow, the need for effective communication and collaboration, both internally and externally, is crucial. Cloud solutions allow for effective sharing of information and content. Whether it be Brand, Multi-Channel Asset, Project or Content Management, the need for transparency and the ability to share branded content has never been greater.

Speed to Market and Rapid Response:

There is no limitation to brands accessing the “Global Consumer”.  Agencies must ensure content can be creatively adapted for local markets, bringing relevance and resonance to the audience at all times. Deploying the right Brand CMS and template solution will;

  • ensure brand consistency, globally
  • effective re-purposing of content
  • deliver dynamic marketing, based on predefined AI rules

If you’d like more information on how BrandMaster has supported creative agencies and their clients including the likes of Mercedes Benz, Careem, Helly Hansen and BMW, please contact us below. 

By Anil Noorani, Managing Partner, TKM Consultants

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