Since 1916, BMW have brought sheer driving pleasure to car enthusiasts all over the world, combining dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations and breath-taking design. BMW is one of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers, and holds world famous brands such as Mini and Rolls-Royce under their group umbrella. In addition to luxury cars, BMW also produces motorcycles. BMW’s passionate promise for the future is born from the unique history of reinvention. BMW doesn’t just build cars. The brands innovations and exceptional design create emotion, enhusiasm, fascination and thrills.


When BMW Northern Europe (NE) was looking to replace their brand management solution, they searched for a platform that could control seamless brand and marketing efforts from a corporate level throughout local dealerships.

It was important that the backend administration was user-friendly and simple to use. Additionally, they needed to secure focus on value added activities aligned with corporate strategies, while fulfilling the local dealers with sales and marketing support for both new sale and aftersales. As for any automotive brand, BMW is a hierarchically organization, from headquarter, to regional operations throughout multiple local dealerships on town level. Within each local dealer, BMW often compete with other automotive brands.

The Nordic team needed a tool that would execute all their marketing and brand efforts as effective and timely as possible without compromising the brand. Additionally, securing accessibility and validity of all digital assets is an essential part of establishing streamlined marketing and brand processes. All with the purpose of staying the preferred brand with all dealers.


Becoming the preferred brand requires exceptional communication between BMW and each dealership, equally important is availability of information and assets. In addition, localization is needed on every level; sales campaign adjustments, imagery, price details, language, dealer details, timing and more. To meet these requirements, BMW NE needs to provide user-friendly and seamless workflows.

Another important factor for BMW NE was the need to customize their communication to each country within the region. To avoid information and content overload, it was necessary to create separate brand books for each country team and belonging dealers, while allowing the central team to maintain only one archive.

Central marketing

Local execution

On time

Always on brand

Always available

With everything collected in one single platform, BMW NE can execute their marketing and brand management with ease, ensuring brand consistency and unified communication throughout their entire region. Always on time, always on brand.


Brand HUB

Their Brand Center is created with local dealers in mind. Finding necessary content and information should be easy. BMW NE solution consists of five different Brand Center, one for each division within their region.

In addition, they have a separate Brand Center for the Motorcycle dealerships and Mini automotive. For the automotive, each Brand Center is created in the local language, and linked to the same power applications for easy maintenance and administration. Brand Center is fetching all content from the different power application and function as a communication and content platform. Ensuring all dealers have access to the necessary brand guidelines, sales campaigns, digital assets and templates – 24/7.

Digital Asset Management

From model images, to scenery images and videos to marketing material and guides. Everything categorized and presented with proper structure suited for BMW NE use.

Digital assets play an important role in BMW NE company. Always with the local dealers in mind, everything has to be easy accessible – enabling smooth market and sales workflows. Each category in Media Bank is presented in Brand Center enabling easy navigation and download.

bmw image
bmw image
Working with multiple creative agencies, dealerships and internal employees across seven countries, this system is a “must have” for us. Unified communication, the sharing of marketing material and assets from one single platform increases the likelihood of our dealers using our material instead of self-made material. Which again delivers our campaigns with a lot ...

Marie Dellbrant - Head of Communication and Digital, BMW Northern Europe

bmw image
bmw image
Our BrandMaster platform ensures dynamic workflows between our central marketing and our dealers. The answer to their questions are available 24/7. Thanks to our Brand Center we are able to work proactive instead of solving cases ad hoc.

Marie Dellbrant - Head of Communication and Digital, BMW Northern Europe

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