A clear brand profile has made our work of building a new e-commerce solution much easier, and we are able to keep brand consistency across all channels.

In addition to the brand management platform, we use BrandMaster’s solution for creating and managing our display advertising. It’s been beneficial to have both solutions with the same supplier and easy...

Jakob Dahlner - Sales Manager B2C | eCom, Elon


Elon saw a need to be able to clearly communicate their brand to all internal stakeholders – especially in the wake of extensive reimagining of everything from target audience to store concept and advertising design.

The biggest challenge was to find a system that allowed for easy access for employees on a wide range of devices, as well as provide simple to use navigation and overview.

Furthermore, they were looking for a solution that could continuously be updated and improved. A goal from the very beginning was to create a central hub for answers to frequently asked questions where employees could turn to find the latest information.

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Online sales increased by 100%. Smoother collaborative processes for in house creative department and external production agency. Time saving!

Marketing department can easily change individual parts of the ads without affecting the rest of the template all in real-time. Pre-defined ad sizes instantly create a plethora of ready to use variations. Brandmaster is a great team player in increasing sales on Elon’s e-commerce site.

Ads of all sizes are updated at once. No need to edit each creative separately.


Elon brand book
sharing the brand with ease

Brand HUB

When it was time for Elon to convert their newly created brand concept from paper to an interactive, easy to use digital format, Brand Center was the ideal solution.

With clear menu labels and sub-pages for logo, target demographics and typical customer information as well as news about ongoing campaigns all personell and stores can keep up to the with Elon’s brand message and core values. The Brand Center is simple in design and focued on conveying critical business information about the reworked brand.

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The Media Bank is a feature hidden from end users but used frequently by the central marketing department.

Here, they upload all images, concept designs and other media Elon employees need to know about. The media is then added to pages of the Brand Center to serve as illustration of current ads or downloadable for other use. All in all, a clear and sleek look is presented for the typical user, with more powerful alternative uses locked away for administrators.

Household products and a household name

Elon Group specialises in retail of household appliances and other products used in every day life. They have over 500 stores located all across the Nordic region in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Founded in 1967 as a way for unrelated retailers to have more purchasing leverage with suppliers, Elon has grown into a well known chain of stores with an appreciated local connection. They’ve come to represent excellent service, deep product knowledge and passion for their customers.

In addition to a pleasant in-store shopping experience and pickup service at their physical locations, Elon offers home delivery for online purchases.

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