A unique travel deal and inspiration source, the HolidayPirates editorial team publishes bargain hotels, flights and packages trips which are researched daily and compiled from numerous other websites. Its unique concept of “best travel deals” rapidly gained popularity and since its inception, HolidayPirates has become the preferred portal for millions of travelers. Founded in 2012, HolidayPirates Group runs websites in ten countries and seven languages: Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

The objectives

The goal of HolidayPirates is to find great holiday deals for travellers. Promotions and campaigns are part of their everyday marketing efforts, ensuring their presence and deals are presented in all digital platforms and channels, on brand and on time.

The need for a frequent flow of creations of assets to multiple markets and languages is not only demanding, it is extremely time consuming as well.

The HolidayPirates have designers creating all visuals for campaigns and deals in-house, including prints, videos, digital assets and more. Although always at hand, the need for prompt deliveries of a large amount of assets and combining this with the need for market tailoring was making it difficult to keep up with the needs.

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Staying brand consistent with flexible templates

The HolidayPirates operates in a fast-moving market. Their deals are quickly outdated, and new deals are continuously introduced. To manage the demand for visuals, HolidayPirates did try out presentation templates that allowed Digital Marketing Managers to create their own assets on the go. This, however, gave sometimes even too much flexibility, hence compromising brand consistency.

On the other side, their limited functionalities also worked as a limitation for being creative inside brand guidelines. Also, these tools were not cloud-based which resulted in templates not being updated in real-time and old templates were used by mistake. Another difficulty with this solution was the ratio limitations in the template that did not provide enough flexibility for the large range of channels and platforms HolidayPirates need creatives for. HolidayPirates had to streamline their working processes, establishing workflows that would secure on brand designs regardless of market and language, and always on time. Systemizing their way of working is beneficial in more ways than one. It allows designers to work with value-added tasks, building and maintaining the HolidayPirates brand in all platforms and channels. And the digital marketing managers are given the flexibility and access they need to efficiently promote local deals without involving the designers.

Central marketing

Local execution

Always on brand

Always available

On time

With the BrandMaster platform, HolidayPirates can utilize the capabilities of their departments and markets for valued activities that are beneficial for the company. They no longer spend time on individual market needs and have eliminated long approval processes. Instead their designs are safely placed and accessible for self-service.


Holidaypirates brand portal
online brand portal

Brand Hub

The HolidayPirates marketing activities are concentrated on deals and promotions, presented in websites, apps and social media. Their key focus when establishing their Brand Management solution, was self-serviced design templates.

While utilizing Brand Center to structure their templates, differentiating on type of campaign or channel, Template Technology is the application where it all happens. Additionally, HolidayPirates has collected all their design elements in their Media Bank, neatly connected to the associated templates. Combining the power of each application has created a user-friendly solution for all “Pirates”.

holidaypirates brand asset library
distributing brand assets

Template Studio

Collecting all templates centrally, allows the designers to be in control and maintain their designs continually. Whenever they have new designs or changes in existing designs, the templates are always updated and ready for marketing teams. One source of truth and never again any guessing on where and what to use.

Additionally, as Template Technology allows one template to work with multiple formats and sizes, the need for a huge template library that was difficult to maintain updated, is now downsized. Yet, the flexibility and ability to deliver has increased. By combining their templates with pre-defined designed elements, each template gives huge flexibility for the digital marketing managers when in need of assets. Within one template you can have different backgrounds, text placements, add designer elements and more. And the best part is: the brand profile is never broken.

holidaypirates image
holidaypirates image
Each of our markets posts several travel deals a day. As most of our visuals get multiplied by 10 markets and 7 languages, it speaks for itself. It was becoming difficult to keep up with each markets’ demands while offering visually attractive content. We wanted to find a solution that could help us free our creative team resources, enabling them to be flexible and ...

Miia Godwin - Head of Global Brand, HolidayPirates GmbH

The Covid-19 pandemic had a great impact on the travel industry and HolidayPirates had to adopt the reduced time work scheme very rapidly and extensively in the first months of the crisis. Having a wide range of visual templates for social media in BrandMaster made it possible for us to keep delivering beautiful, visually unified and fresh content to our followers, ev...

Gabriel Borges - Art designer, HolidayPirates GmbH

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