After the implementation of BrandMaster in Høyre we see no local created unconventionalities. The users have become more aware of Høyres identity, pay more attention to what is allowed and what is not and they are active users of BrandMaster.

With the 2017 parliamentary elections, it was reassuring and comfortable knowing we had total control of our brand ...

Dag Terje Solvang - Markeds- og kampanjesjef, Høyres Hovedorganisasjon

The marketing and campaign division at Høyre have become more professional with the use of BrandMaster and their usage of such a system has increased since the launch of BrandMaster at Høyre.

Dag Terje Solvang - Markeds- og kampanjesjef, Høyres Hovedorganisasjon


Going forward with BrandMaster

BrandMaster has meet Høyres expectations in delivering a branding- and marketing automation solution and are well equipped for being a digital political party with the help of BrandMaster. Looking ahead towards next municipal election in 2019 were local needs will be crucial, Høyre will expand their BrandMaster to also include more local needed material and templates, ensuring that all their material is located one place.

In addition, they will open up for more templates that can be adjusted and printed locally meeting the needs of local divisions and preparing for seamless processes. Budgets and expenses are always of importance, using BrandMaster locally will decrease time and resources spent on local agencies and similar thus contributing to a cost-effective overheads .

Høyre image

Challenges and needs at Høyre

Høyre had developed their own branding- and automation solution in-house. The challenges occurred when their solution needed upgrades and further development to keep up with the fast-changing needs and technology.

They decided to look for a partner who was experts in branding- and marketing automation and could deliver a so-called off the shelf solution which was easier, elegant and more professional. When looking for the solution, several vendors were considered – it had to be affordable, easy to use regardless of their user competence and flexible. BrandMaster was chosen as the solution meet Høyres demands on all necessary aspects.

Høyre chose the combination of Brand Center with Media Bank (DAM) and WYSIWYG Template Technology. Their solution is a single sign-on and integrated with their intranet and order flow towards their printer. Their main goal with their BrandMaster solution was to ensure that their communication strategy and brand consistency at all times is being followed and decrease the amount of local creativity. With BrandMaster, all users can easily adapt and download files locally for print or send direct orders to Høyres main printer.


Høyre Brand portal
Høyre brand guidelines

Brand HUB

Høyre’s Brand HUB contains guidelines, templates for local print, social media channels etc., resources and visual identity (online brand book) with the main purpose to clearly state what their brand stands for and how the brand should be communicated.

In addition, they use their homepage in the brand center as a news feed and sharing portal, publishing the latest updates on material and content ensuring that everyone is aware of what’s new in the brand center. Their Brand Centers is easy to navigate and straightforwardly for any user in Høyre’s organization.

Høyre digital asset library
Sharing images


Based on Høyres challenge with published and saved digital assets in numerous platforms, it was difficult for their employees and volunteers to locate what they needed, knowing what content was available and what was valid.

With Digital Asset Management, Høyres now collects all their digital assets in one place, categorizing and tagging the content ensuring a structured and ready-to-use Media Bank. Finding content is now easy, and Høyre has complete control of what material is being distributed and used. Regardless of media, users now find all the digital assets they need in Høyres Media Bank. Posters, leaflets, brochures, powerpoint templates, social media assets and more.

Høyre online design templates
Høyre securing brand consistency

Template Studio

Høyre has an in-house designer who has created all of Høyres material and assets. While some graphics to not need local customization and can be downloaded from their Media Bank, other graphics needs to be adapted.

Graphics available for customization is easily published to the BrandMasters portal and available for local adjustments through the Template Technology application. When local adjustment are made, the creator will see their creation instantly (WYSIWYG) before creating their file for download. For Høyre, this functionality has been extremely important in regards to Social Media. With a wide range of different platforms and channels, both centrally and locally, staying consistent across has been challenging. By making templates adjustable and downloadable, all users now use correct branded social media assets with ease. For the advanced InDesign users, the option to download the templates is available.

Høyre is using marketing- and brand management platform to stay brand consistent and communicate with one tone of voice.

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