To be preferred as a supplier and succeed with our promotions and sales, we need to provide our resellers with necessary product information and images 24/7. With the help of BrandMaster, we have created a seamless portal adapted to fit with our organizational and reseller needs.

Aurora Ellingsen - Communication Project Manager, Kygo Life


Choosing Kygo Life products should be easy! With resellers all over Europe and USA, time zones and availability are an important factor in becoming a preferred supplier. Having excellent product support and response time are essentials.

Kygo Life products are sold through stores and thus a shelf product along with competitive products in each store. Becoming the preferred brand among the consumers is what every brand wants, but it is important to also have that focus when it comes to the resellers as well.

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Their needs

Handling e-mail requests can be time consuming for most of us, so was the case for Kygo Life. By establishing a single platform for all their resellers, Kygo Life was looking to reduce daily requests by making all necessary information available regardless of time zones or day of the week.

Their platform had to handle all types of file formats, have an intuitive user-flow and single sign-on. By creating a straightforward self-serviced platform for their resellers, they ensure smooth distribution of their product material and information.

The marketing team at Kygo Life also focused on investing in a platform that could easily reflect the brand and expand with their future needs. Going forward, campaign management, store material, PR, product tests and reviews are content they will include.

Smooth sharing

Unified communciation

Increase efficiency

Preferred supplier

By collecting everything in a platform, open 24/7, retailers have access to necessary documentation and images without depending on e-mails and response time.


Kygo Life brand guidelines
Online brand guideline distribution

Brand Hub

The Kygo Life Brand Hub is for the users a password protected web site. Nicely designed to reflect the Kygo Life brand, intuitive and user-friendly for everyone, both back- and front end.

Brand Hub is a communication hub, sharing necessary information with all resellers. It is also powered with digital assets from their Media Bank – DAM, elegantly presented in context.

Kygo life Digital asset management
Sharing digital assets


To succeed with sales and promotions, Kygo Life needs to ensure 100% availability of images and product documentation. These are key digital assets in this matter. With Media Bank, Kygo Life’s marketing team can easily collect, structure and share their assets to any reseller.

Their DAM system includes images for download to resellers web shops, store promotions, offers, specification sheets, reviews and more. Always updated and available for download.

Kygo Life was created out of Kygo’s enthusiasm to offer superior music experiences to everyone, regardless of people’s music taste. Therefore, our products are designed to produce exceptional sound and to fit each person perfectly.

Kygo is proud to be Norwegian and Kygo Life reflects that. All our products embody the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design and are developed in Scandinavia by our awesome design team. Together with our manufacturers in China, they do everything they can to find the right materials and forms to fuse stylish design with lasting comfort.

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