Streamline cooperation between the company, the production and media agencies to have more dynamic and timely campaigns.


Media agency saves approx 4 hours of ad-ops time daily. Production agency efficiently runs campaigns based on Coops campaign schedule. Ad content is updated in real time without the need to contact media agency. All ad sizes are available at any time.

Producing timely on-branded campaigns and publish on-time is at ease with Display Ads.


Display Ads

Obs BYGG has a standard solution with pre-made templates ready for production at any time.

With Display Ads, efficiency is at ease. In a competitive market, where price and daily promotions is of essence, there is no time for delays and long production processes. Obs BYGG has established a solution with pre-made templates aligned with their brand identity. Campaigns and promotions are created daily, published to chosen media and is easily updated in real-time when the need occurs.

Their brand and voice stays the same, swift maintenance and control of their communication is no issue.

Obs BYGG is a “do-it-yourself” home improvement retailer. Their stores are filled with everything you need from large brands to fix your house, bathroom, kitchen or garden. Obs BYGG is part of Coop group, one of Norways largest retail brands and has more than 1250 stores across Norway.

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