We stored images, videos, brand assets such as logos, brand manuals, brand stamps and more on local disks, sharepoint, dropbox and many more locations. Adding this to a fast-changing organization where responsibilities change continuously while increasing focus on digital marketing, it became impossible to control digital asset management responsibly.

Cecilie Wendt - Head of Digital Business Development, Orkla Health

The challenges and needs

When the need for improving digital asset management in Orkla Health arised, they search for a solution that was easy to implement and use for both back- and front-end users.

Images, illustrations, logos, product information, campaigns, packaging and represent for each brand a massive amount of valuable digital assets and intellectual property.

Agencies and employees come and go. Over the years, this has resulted in assets and material stored in many differerent locations. For Orkla Health, it was challenging searching for assets and securing intellectual property in a rightful manner. Consequently, assets where often lost and not found, and uncessary expenses followed recreating assets and material.

Orkla Health image - Møllers tran

The solution

Digital assets are brand valuables and must be treated as such. The costs of retrieving digital assets are high, not only for the actual re-creation, but also for the time spent trying to locate a lost file. Most importantly, spending time looking for lost assets causes bottlenecks in the brand management workflow.

The Orkla Health solution is a multibrand solution where its main goal is to serve as the key tool for a consistent global brand, in line with the Go-Global strategy. All content in one place regardless of who is responsible for the brand, or what agency has created the artwork.

With 30 brands in the Orkla Health portfolio, they could not do it all at once. The initial implementation covered securing the digital asset management workflow.

Additionally, the decision was made to make Møllers the project flagship for an extended online brand book, allowing the other brands to follow in the future if necessary.

Collect assets

Cost efficiency

Structure assets

Share assets

Protect intellectual property

Reuse and adapt

In order to deliver content and digital asset management more efficently while securing their valuables, Orkla Health needed to establish a more transparent workflow.


Møllers tran brand book
sharing brand guidelines

Brand Hub

The Orkla Health Brand Center includes asset collections and sharing of branding, packshots, campaign material, artwork and more for all 30+ brands. Everything neatly structured and categorized for ease of use and navigation for both front- and back-end users.

Being the flagship of Orkla Healths brand management project, the Møllers brand has extended the Brand Center to be a complete online brand book, presenting everything about the Møllers Brand; brand identity guidelines, brand identity strategy, local campaign execution, brand history and more. Subsequently, they communicate and share the Møller brand across all markets with ease with one tone of voice. With everything in one platform, Orkla Health have gained total control of their digital asset management for all brands. Equally important, all assets are searchable and easy to find with a few clicks in Brand Center regardless of what brand asset is needed. Looking ahead, learning from the Møllers experience and know-how, a complete brand management framework can easily be adopted to any brand in the Orkla Health portfolio.

Orkla Health digital asset archive
sharing digital assets


Brand Center is powered by the Media Bank application, ensuring all assets are presented according to Orkla Healths requirements and workflows. All assets regardless of file type or format are uploaded to their Media Bank where they are tagged and categorized for structure and search capabilities. The Brand Center make sure each brand is presented individually, allowing easy control of user navigation and access.

With everything in the same place, Orkla Health prevents material relevant to multiple people, departments or external partners being unreachable or lost. It is also a platform where local brand manager and creative agencies is required to upload their files to ensure absolute transparency through all workflows and cross collaborations. There are no longer any questions on what or where. All assets are stored and distributed from one place, regardless of creative agency or employee. Subsequently, expenses are cut, departments are aligned, and seamless synergies occurs.

Founded by Peter Möller, an apothecary who pioneered in cod liver oil production in the 1850’s improving the oils taste and availability for consumers.

Today Orkla Health offer Fast Moving Consumer Goods that meet specific health needs at every stage of your life – From cod liver oil to an infant, extra vitamins or minerals as you grow older to sports nutrition and weight reduction products. Brands such as Möllers, Nutrilett, Maxim, Gerimax and more are all part of the Orkla Health selection.

In addition to our home markets, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and the Baltics, where we have local offices. Orkla Health is also represented in several other countries, from US and South America, to Europe and Asia.

Orkla Health is a part of the Orkla Group.

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