When we launched our developed brand identity, we also made all the visual elements available in a digital platform. PostNord is a large Nordic Group with several partners that use our brand elements. So, we need to make it easy for everyone to use. This makes implementation faster and smoother. Therefore, most of our visual identity is available online

Hannah Myrhed - Coordinator at PostNord Group Brand & Communication

Simplifying and modernizing branding processes with BrandMaster

Rebranding should not be taken lightly. PostNord knew this when they in 2019 decided to embark on a rebranding journey. Part of their goal: Update and modernize their visual identity to establish PostNord as the brand of choice when it comes to making life easier for e-commerce consumers.

With 28.000 employees in five countries, as well as an extensive delivery network including both parcel and letter terminals, distributing the brand and ensuring brand consistency can be challenging.

They knew that to be successful with their brand launch they had to have everyone on board, teaching them how to use the brand and ensuring everyone recognized the new brand values and identity from day one. To reach their launch ambitions and goals they saw the benefit of digitalizing everything about their new brand design, establishing one source of truth where everyone can join and locate what they need.

The digital launch of their new brand

A crucial factor when rebranding is safeguarding that everyone gets the same memo. By digitalizing their new brand book, this was reachable.

Prior to launching their new brand, PostNord worked with designers and creative agencies to define new colors, font, icons, patterns, imagery, layout systems and more, shaping their new and modern identity. Once their new brand identity was shaped, they created an online brand book together with BrandMaster and the Brand Terminal was born.

On launch date, everyone had access to the exact same information about their new brand. Guidelines, new templates, media archive for downloading new brand assets and more. And of course, everyone had access, including the public. This way they could better control the distribution and logistics of their new brand and eliminating the use of old brand elements.

Unifying communication

One brand

Centralizing brand and communication

Seamless branding processes

The new Brand Platform was a crucial part in our rebranding process. Simply seamless, efficient, and controlled.

This is Brand Terminal

Brand terminal at PostNord

Brand HUB

Created with the purpose of sharing the brand with anyone, navigation and understanding the brand had to be easy and logic. With PostNord Brand Terminal, there is no guessing – it’s loud and clear.

Perfectly matching the brand identity, their terminal provides an easy overview of everything their brand has to offer in one single place. With just one click, anyone can easily locate what they need, whenever they need it. Everything about their brand identity is carefully explained and visualized to eliminate any uncertainties – using the PostNord brand should be easy and fun.

To make it even simpler, their HUB is connected to DAM to secure seamless usability between brand guidelines and the featured brand assets.

Brand asset library at postnord

Digital Asset Management

Presenting a brand online is no good without a proper digital asset management system, making sure every brand asset is available for download or sharing 24/7.

When PostNord designed their new brand, a whole range of new brand assets came to life defining their new look. Upon launch PostNord made sure all new assets were neatly structured and organized for everyone. Their new customized font, new imagery and all other important brand elements are always available for download.

PostNord is a leading provider of parcel and logistics services to, from, and within the Nordic region. We ensure the provision of a postal service to households and businesses in Sweden and Denmark, regardless of where they live and work. PostNord connects companies, public authorities and consumers and enables business, trade and communication in the Nordic region. With our expertise and strong distribution network, we put in place the conditions for the e-commerce, distribution, logistics and communication solutions of tomorrow in the Nordic region. In 2020, the Group had around 28,000 employees and sales of SEK 38.7 billion. The Parent Company is a Swedish public limited company with Group headquarters in Solna, Sweden.

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