Having a complete overview of all 11 markets and 8 brands is essential for our brand and marketing efforts. Having one system to oversee and manage everything is keeping me and my marketing teams on top and in front of our brand development. We now have the resources for long-term strategies without losing control of our brand identity.

Sarah Nyman - Chief Marketing Officer

Our brands must reflect our services and product deliveries. With Sales HUB high quality brand asset delivery is guaranteed. We have modernized our workflows and increased company efficiency, all within one common platform – one company – one brand.

Sarah Nyman - Chief Marketing Officer


Aligning global brand and marketing processes

For brand management to be successful, it takes more than a marketing team and it is essential to organize the brand according to the company workflows.

At Rahmqvist, brand delivery is executed through the voice of their sales teams and when they needed to renovate their brand management solution in 2020, it was only natural that their branding processes were structured to suit the needs of their sales operations.

Poor usability and old technology lead them to a complete solution renewal and BrandMaster. To keep up with the evolving market needs, they knew they had to create a modern and responsive brand platform. And they knew they had to inspire their sales teams to use the brand assets and collaterals correct – Securing brand and communication consistency in all markets.

Securing a usable and up-to-date brand

One Achilles heel with the old system was the missing cloud-solution. Combining this with a sales team that needed access to sales collateral when on client premises was a mismatch. Sales had to save collateral offline and outdated assets was quickly in circulation.

When creating the new Sales HUB, workflows and navigation was concentrated on intuitive and easy access to sales collateral and assets from any device and any location. The marketing team had to replace old practices and convince their sales teams to transform to a more modern way of working. Inspiring their teams to work online, quickly accessing necessary assets in real-time.

Not only has the organization become more agile, but they have also made sure their brand identity is protected.

Inspire employees

Brand consistency

Central management, Local execution

Increase system usage

With everything in one place and online, usability both front and back is easy. Central marketing and local execution is a no-brainer.

Rahmqvist Brand Management Solution

Rahmqvist brand asset managmenet solution
Rahmqvist brand asset managmenet solution

Brand HUB

At Rahmqvist, this is the Sales HUB. This is where the brands, assets and campaigns come together for seamless brand processes in all 11 countries and for all 8 brands.

This tool is a life saver for the marketing team, brand managers and the sales team. Under one common roof, 8 umbrella brands are properly arranged. Communicating brand guidelines is easy, so is keeping the brands up to date. By connecting the brand books to both assets and templates, communicating sales campaigns and launching new material is seamless and efficient. And for the users, they have continual access to the latest brand updates from anywhere.

Rahmqvist digital asset management system
dam system


With 8 brands in the portfolio, distributed to 11 countries, eliminating misunderstanding and wrong asset usage is key.

For easy navigation and searchability, videos, images, product sheets, and presentations are all nicely categorized in their DAM library based on brands and regions. This simplifies the options when looking for assets and it makes maintenance easy for the brand owners.

rahmqvist template studio
Rahmqvist design creator

Template Studio

Not every asset can be static and when localization is a necessity, Template Studio come in handy.

With the help of online templates, sales teams or other users can easily tailor their own collateral without breaking the brand guidelines. And the best part, they can do it from anywhere. A simple online guide will take the users through a WYSIWYG editor where pre-set values define what can and can’t be changed and voila! Their material is ready for download and use.

Distributing brand assets with ease
online brand asset distribution

Marketing Shop

Business cards is a necessity for the sales teams in Rahmqvist. With the Shop at hand, ordering and supply is piece of cake.

Making the business card templates a purchasable article anyone can easily create their own card and send it to print without involving anyone from the marketing team. Supply and distribution are already prearranged. Efficiency and brand control is impeccable.

See brand efforts in real-time performance
brand management reporting tool


A system is no good without control. The reporting tool enables Rahmqvist’s CMO to have a complete overview of both system and brand usage.

By keeping up with how the organization is using the Sales HUB and brand assets, continuous development and user adaptions can be altered to keep up with the evolving market trends and needs. The goal is to be one step ahead of the market and sales teams to secure a reliable Sales HUB that continues to grow.

About Rahmqvist

Since 1953 Rahmqvist have helped working environments with innovative Swedish design, making offices more happy, effective, and enduring. Regardless of working place, Rahmqvist have the expertise. Rahmqvist believes in close relations with their clients and tailor their solutions to the customers. Today, Rahmqvists have sales offices in 11 countries and employs 400 people – creating a Happy Workday!

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