After the acquisition of BME, we had to integrate the new brand very quickly. BrandMaster helped to simplify the branding processes and make our assets more accessible to the Spanish market. Our colleagues in Spain are thrilled with the professionalism, set-up and accessibility at any hour of the day!

Daniela Costa Filipe - Communications Designer, SIX

Modernizing brand management to keep up with the evolving trends in the Fintech industry

When the market is changing fast, there is no time to fall behind on brand management. For SIX, it was time to step up and modernize their brand management.

SIX occupies a unique position in the European financial services market. Owned by over 100 institutions, it operates the infrastructure that drives the Swiss and Spanish financial centers. Employing over 3,500 employees across 20 countries, SIX is a brand with a reputation founded on technological excellence and the ability to provide an unrivalled range of banking, securities, and exchange services.

Behind the scenes, the management and communication of the brand was complexed and inefficient. This relied on an outdated intranet solution and a combination of supplementary tools which over time had been bolted on to provide different applications. The company had long outgrown this patchwork system which was unable to keep pace with an increasingly complex data handling requirement. With access and capacity compromised and little scope for expansion, the company needed a new, more powerful, and flexible solution.

Key requirements of establishing a brand management solution

A part of this project was to ensure how their branding platform could connect with the established IT and communication infrastructure enabling seamless system integration to maximize data management capability.

The client’s wish list was not confined to innovative features and tools. The successful integration of our platform within an established IT and communications infrastructure was of greater significance. In addition, compliance with the company’s strict security protocols was considered non-negotiable. In all areas, we could demonstrate technical expertise and project experience, pointing to a client base of global brands and market-leading businesses for extra reassurance.

Results and outcomes

We believe that success can be measured by the extent to which a client uses our platform and the speed at which it becomes an essential part of the company’s IT infrastructure. At SIX, there are some impressive stats to confirm its impact after year one.

These figures tell us that SIX has been quick to adopt the BrandMaster system. Also, we know from feedback that the platform is delivering genuine benefits:

  • Time savings – With improved search functionality and a single, centralized source, users can find and produce what they need more quickly and efficiently.
  • Usability – Feedback from internal users and external partners is encouragingly positive, with the client reporting a 50% increase in usage compared to the previous system.
  • Improved workflow processes – The system has enabled SIX to adopt practices that are agile and responsive to the demands of a large, complex organization.
  • Brand consistency – Instances of non-compliance have been significantly reduced through improved availability of assets and templates and access to brand guidelines.

Encouragingly, the client is planning to expand the platform, building greater capacity in areas such as UI/UX guidelines, social media templates, display advertising and the integration of the platform with applications including Microsoft Office.

1400 unique user logins

1500 individual users

1700 shared assets

16000 page impressions


With their brand management solution SIX is equipped with the tools to build a stronger brand image

Building a brand with the proper marketing tools

Six brand identity guidelines

Brand HUB

Creating a single, central location for the SIX brand was essential in simplifying workflows and introducing improved levels of quality and consistency.

For the first time, the company could exercise proper control of its brand assets, making it easier for the in-house design team to coordinate marketing activity and empower colleagues across the group to produce on-brand collateral for campaigns and corporate communications.

Six asset management solution


An effective Digital Asset Management system is one of the foundation stones of successful brand management –  especially for companies operating from different locations around the world.

As brand integrity relies on consistency and recognition, this central asset archive allows approved digital assets to be stored and shared more easily from a single source and supplied in a variety of digital formats required for cross-channel communications.

Six design templates

Template Studio

The client recognized that meeting demand for collateral, often at short notice, could be better achieved by giving their employees the tools to create brand-compliant materials on their own.

Template Studio enables the in-house design team to stay in control of the brand and delegate responsibility to their colleagues. In the fast-changing world of financial services, this self-service, template-driven approach allows SIX to respond quickly to everything from marketing opportunities to regulatory compliance.

Six brand shop

Marketing Shop

Establishing an online outlet adds a further layer of brand management, simplifying the process of ordering, customizing, and supplying marketing material and merchandise across the company.

Not only is the shop open for business round the clock, it also helps maintain consistency by strict stock control, exclusive use of approved suppliers and adherence to the SIX brand guidelines. With this resource, employees can order branded collaterals, when they need to.

About SIX

SIX is a fintech powerhouse and the driving force behind the Swiss and Spanish financial centers. Formed in 2008, it operates the infrastructure that allows banks, investors, and service providers in Europe and around the world to connect and work together in a resilient and safe environment. SIX provides exchange and banking services and is an expert in securities transactions. In summer 2020, SIX acquired Spanish stock market operator Bolsa de Madrid (BME).

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