Our brand was managed locally instead of centrally. The result was a diverged brand book that lacked dedication and focus. As a result, we were falling behind on brand management and we spent too much time on ad hoc tasks instead of inclusive brand management – Our work was becoming destructive instead of creative.

We decided to turn it around by looking a...

Marcus Ögren - Brand Manager, Svea

With the constant need to change and adapt in today’s Martech space, we need to treat our brand as a living object. Unpredicted needs occur, and when they do, new rules are necessary, and our brand book has to adapt accordingly.

Marcus Ögren - Brand Manager, Svea


The objectives

Staying brand consistent is always a challenge. This was also the case for Svea. With a central marketing team of four people supporting offices across Norway, Sweden and Finland with local needs, Svea experienced brand inconsistency and lack of brand harmony.

Supporting the organization, providing the necessary assets and responding to a large number of unnecessary questions by email and phone was time consuming and took focus away from the overall brand management strategy.

With an increasing need to stay ahead of the digital needs transpiring, Svea recognized they had to take the step from traditional processes and pdf formats to digital transformation.

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The challenges and needs

Aligning the markets and eliminating the brand diversities between the countries were core motivation when Svea decided to invest in a brand management solution. Another critical issue was the fast changes in the market demanding fast adaptation and response from the marketing teams. It is critical that their solution, could serve these purposes.

Key capabilities: Collect brand assets and marketing material with the ability to share with ease, a self-serviced hub for local marketing teams, one-stop solution, collaboration with agencies and external consultants, easy onboarding and ease of use.

Central marketing

Local execution

Two-way communication

One brand

Always available

A solid brand management solution requires a solid plan and it pays off to start with the most urgent needs and expand gradually. This secures control and thorough project management. Svea decided to start off with what was most urgent to them – Communicating the brand with one voice and making their brand and assets available 24/7.


svea brand identity guidelines
online brand identity guidelines

Brand Hub

Svea had extensive brand guidelines in pdf format which was demanding to keep updated and to distribute. Constant changes and a diverse set of rules across countries resulted in outdated files that employees had access to, inconsistency was a fact.

By establishing their brand portal, Svea have collected every feature and object related to their brand in one place, nicely presented, available and searchable for everyone in their company. Marketing campaigns, brand guidelines, news and assets are always updated and available. The central marketing team has complete control of their brand management and the local teams can access what they need with ease.

svea brand asset library
BAM, sharing assets


Digital Asset Management is the archive that store all brand assets connected to the guidelines and marketing initiatives. Every file; video, illustration, icon, image, font, template and more is structured and tagged in DAM, and connected to appropriate pages in Brand Center for ease of use and navigation.

This secures easy and logical access of any asset. Time spent on looking for files is reduced, and the central marketing team can concentrate on value added tasks instead of daily support.

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Svea is a financial company group with operations in several European countries. With thirty years of experience in helping companies with their liquidity, we are a natural choice for many entrepreneurs when they need a financing partner.

With over 2,000 employees across Europe we create administrative and financial solutions for small and large businesses in all industries. In addition to services such as corporate loans, credits, invoice services, factoring, invoice purchases, credit information and debt collection, we also provide smart payment solutions for e-commerce, mobile and stores. We also offer loans and saving accounts for consumers.

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