For Systemhus, the purpose of choosing a MRM solution, was to improve the workflow of collecting and distributing digital assets, templates and marketing material between the head office and their dealers, as well as external agencies

Birgitte Andersen - Systemhus

Birgitte Andersen - Marketing Manager, Systemhus


The marketing department at Systemhus was looking to establish an improved communication- and work flow between themselves and their stakeholders. They wanted a self-serviced marketing portal where all digital assets were available 365 – 24/7.

All with the purpose of increasing material usage and boost user motivation. With a single platform for everything, the marketing department also wanted to decrease e-mail requests, thus releasing resources to perform value-added marketing tasks. In addition, with a two-way communication platform, the goal was also to encourage idea-making and inspire the entire group to contribute with ideas and material.

Systemhus image

The challenges

Systemhus digital assets includes large amounts of images, drawings, 3D renderings, house prospects, brochures, datasheets and more. Digital assets which demands local adjustments and tailoring depending on the local needs.

In addition, Systemhus has several third party agencies providing them with digital assets. Between the main office, agencies and dealers, the sharing of these files were manually handled and sent be e-mail and through their intranet upon requests. For Systemhus, this created e-mail requests that had to be handled by the head office and very few dealers downloaded material from the intranet. Neither did they have any proper solution to retrieve material that was created locally that the entire group could benefit from.

Reduce time-to-market

Increase efficiency


Two-way communciation

For Systemhus, Media Bank established a more functional two-way communication and work flow between head office, their dealers and agencies.


Systemhus image bank
Sharing images


The application allows for both upload and download of assets and creates a dynamic sharing flow between all necessary stakeholders.

Local dealers and agencies can upload material that is created locally, or images that are taken of projects, house-drawings and more. Before assets are published they are reviewed to ensure good quality and validity. All assets are tagged and organized with metadata and categories. And head office can distribute material, always knowing who downloads, user-rate, and simultaneously perform version control and validity of available assets.

Systemhus marketing collateral
Designing marketing material with online templates

Template Studio

With Template Technology, Systemhus now offers their brochures for adjustments locally with online templates. Their dealers and partners choose the preferred material and can adjust according to their need.

To ensure consistency, the adjustments are limited to elements that are typically geographical related such as offerings, addresses, contacts and similar. For their head office, this release marketing resources as they longer must handle this manually and they have total overview and statistics of all graphical assets.

Distributing marketing collateral
Offering marketing collateral

Marketing Shop

In addition to template-based design and offering self-serviced adjustments, Systemhus also have a web shop where all marketing assets are available for purchasing, download and even send-to-print.

Marketing Shop is connected to local printers for an easy send-to-print functionality, allowing dealers and partners to quickly order necessary material without any involvement from the head office.

Innovation, indoor air quality and long-term visions are the future of our industry – Experience today how you want to live tomorrow. Our goal is to create better and smarter houses for you by focusing on functionality and beneficial in-door environment that you and your family can enjoy. Systemhus consist of experienced constructers from all of Norway and Systemhus offers a unique constructing concept which is proven to provide quality and efficiency throughout the processes. Collaboration, experience and a well established technical team makes the process from contract to delivery safe for the homeowners. Since the beginning – 50 years ago, Systemhus has sold over 50 000 houses.

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