Many years of experience from working with customers in the area of Brand Management have made me believe that Multilayer and Multichannel are the most important challenges to handle. 

Multilayer is related to the organizational structure where guidelines for the brand are set on the top level but most of the communication is done on lower levels of the organization or through partners.

Multichannel is related to the communication channels that carry the brand message. We have seen a huge increase in the number of communication channels and thereby the DAM-asset variants required.

Orchestrating the brand communication through a multilayer and multichannel environment is what makes Brand Management so complicated.

When suggesting actions to improve Brand Management I think you can use a simple three step model:

  • Guidelines

Start by inspiring, telling the brand story and the dos and don’ts when communicating the brand. 

  • Assets

Make sure the selected DAM-assets (Brand Assets) are made available in all versions required. 

  • Execution

Help the users communicating the brand correctly. For Non Professional users we suggest all forms of templates; Web templates, Office-templates, E-mail newsletter templates etc.

Think Self Service and let the users create and order as much as possible online.

Communicate your campaigns and involve the users to create their own local versions. Repopulate template with suggested messaging, images and partner data to minimize the partner’s efforts and maximize the chances to achieve correct communication.


Try to measure usage and performance through the whole process; What guidelines articles are the most read? Which assets are used most and for what? Which templates really do the job? Combine reporting tools with online surveys.

Good luck!