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7 reasons to automate – The importance of marketing and brand management automation for marketers

Get some valid arguments for why investing in marketing and brand management automation is a good thing for your marketing and brand efforts.


Marketing and Brand Management – Why should you invest?

What are the most common scenarios we see and experience daily with customers and prospects and we will put it into perspective for you.


Brand Management – Become a brand hero!

What is Brand Management and what is necessary in an organization to raise the bar of your Brand Managment processes. Get valuable insight on how you can become a brand hero. 


Digital Asset Management – Structuring your DAM data

What is important in order to succeed with your digital asset management system?


7 factors for successful implementation of Digital Asset Management

Learn the keyfactors to focus on while you implement DAM and a DAM-system and avoid many of the common pitfalls.

Quick Guides


Create online brand identity guides for seamless brand management

6 tips to consider when creating an online brand identity guide. Elevate your brand!


8 steps to a winning Brand Management system

How to succeed with the implementation and future use of your brand management system.


7 steps for a successful DAM implementation

How to succeed with the implementation of a DAM system and future use of it.


Inspiration for goal definition and KPI’s when implementing a Brand Management solution

3 steps for inspiration, to guide you in the right direction when you implement a brand management solution.

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Introducing BrandMaster

Take a quick look at what BrandMaster is all about.

Brand Management Challenges

6 Brand Management challenges presented by our team of experts. Their experience working with brands all over the world has provided them valuable insight.

Take a look! 

Color Swatches

Our Brand Center is multi-talented, created to make your brand management as simple as possible.

We are excited to show you – Take a look at our smart and easy color swatches creator. Transform your color palette to your digital brand guidelines in seconds. Almost too good to be true.

Code Library

Finally you can trust your developers with brand management.

With our new Code Library brand consistency in digital communication has never been easier. Watch how easy it is to add your UI library to your online brand book with a few clicks.

Customer solution

Watch how Orkla Health, a multibrand organization in Fast Moving Consumer Goods  execute their brand and digital asset management.

The BrandMaster overview

Watch as our Head of International Sales take you through the BrandMaster applications. How to efficiently utilize our tools to create your own powerful and seamless brand management solution.

Return On Investment

Immediate Savings

Increase your efficieny and improve working processes immediately after implementation by streamlining your efforts. 

Expense vs. Investment

Our analysis shows that the costs related to your brand management investment turns positive the same year of your invest.

Double your efficiency

Our experience shows that you double your efficiency by automating your marketing and brand management. Re-use and automation are key factors for this.

Spend your time and budget right?

Have you ever reflected upon how much time you spend on insignificant tasks and how much that actually costs?


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Missing deadlines

Time delays

Wasting time