We have the pleasure of welcoming Fackförbundet ST as a new customer!

Fackförbundet ST represented from left by Anna Wickman, Head of Communication, Karin Ahlgren, Communication Strategist, David Falk, Graphic Designer

Fackförbundet ST represented by from left Anna Wickman, Head of Communication, Karin Ahlgren, Communication strategist, David Falk, Graphic Designer

Fackförbundet ST is the biggest union for workers within government agency in Sweden with 90 000 members. These work within state authorities, companies with state business, universities, colleges and other state-funded foundations.

Fackförbundet ST will use the entire BrandMaster MRM (Marketing Resource Management) system and will get a complete solution for planning, collecting, sharing, adjusting and distribution of their marketing.

Fackförbundet ST’s nationwide network of 200 representatives will get the tools they need to simplify and improve production and distribution of marketing material to all 90 000 members.

They will have one place for all marketing materials, pictures and documents, and will be able to order marketing materials and services directly in the system. This will result in shorter time-to-market, full control over brand consistency at the same time as they gain transparency in local marketing efforts across the organization.

We welcome Fackförbundet ST as a customer, and look forward to a long cooperation!

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