Creating a stand out brand in a competitive market

Achieving brand-stand out in the financial industry

The scale of the digital transformation which is impacting financial services has turned the sector on its head. Today’s customers expect a real-time experience and companies have been quick to provide the apps and platforms that allow them to manage their finances from a smart phone or tablet. Fintech is not just a buzzword – it’s an industry that’s here to stay.

Financial Brands trust BrandMaster

Despite all this upheaval, some things remain the same. The relationship between a financial services company and its customers is not based on technology – it’s built on trust and shared values. And a business will expect its brand to establish this bond. So, what does your brand stand for?

How to manage a financial brand?

We are proud of our impeccable reference list within the financial industry. They have all felt the need to step up their game and put their brand efforts to a new level. Their brand management solutions are designed with their brand and company needs in mind.

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Understanding the branding needs in financial services

The sector remains fiercely competitive and customer loyalty cannot be taken for granted. Also, financial services companies operate in a market where strict regulatory compliance determines how products and services are described – and what customers are promised.

In this challenging environment, brands have one chance to make their mark and tell everyone what they stand for. This calls for clarity and consistency. Without a brand management system, there can be little control of what’s communicated and this will only succeed in confusing customers and upsetting industry regulators. Our platform allows companies to respond quickly to business opportunities and adapt their practices to reflect changes in the industry.

Diverse segmentation

Geographical spread


Multiple marketing teams

Real-time response

Personalized communication

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Our solution has enabled brand democracy, and we are able to efficiently drive our brand forward in a demanding Martech space that is in constant change.



With our brand portal, our brand stays the same across all markets and segements – Empowering our market presence and communicating the core of the DNB brand.



Our brand values are the essence of our brand personality. Our branding portal help us communicate who Six is and what we stand for – Growing a long lasting brand relationship with our customers.

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Elevating the brand performance of financial services

In a sector that includes banking, wealth management, insurance and pensions, we recognise that every business is different and has specific issues to resolve. Our platform is flexible and works on the simple principle that establishing a central shared platform is the best way to maintain brand consistency, share digital assets and support the marketing activities of local teams and their channel partners. It becomes a single source of truth, which helps to eliminate errors and streamline communication. This is how creating a stand out brand comes about.

Centralize communications

Support local teams

Create and share templates

Ensure content accuracy

Manage digital asset library

Plan and manage events

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