We are pleased that Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) chose BrandMaster as their provider of an MRM solution.

Frp prepare for future elections with BrandMaster MRM.

Frp chose BrandMaster to easier distribute election material to our local- and county teams. BrandMaster provides a user-friendly platform to ensure that everyone who can create material with Frp logo will do it correct and aligned with our graphical identity. Thus, easier to successfully execute elections across Norway. We look forward to use BrandMaster and have high expectations for the results – Fredrik Färber, Secretary General, Fremskrittspartiet

Approved graphical identity and unified communication

Frp chose Brand Center, Media Bank and Template Technology applications for their solution.

Brand Center is a CMS-based application that collects and presents all content from the supplementary applications, Template Technology and Media Bank. Collectively, this works as online and dynamic brand identity guidelines. Consequently, Frp head office may collect and share all necessary content with all their users in a user-friendly and simple way. All users will be able to download e.g. approved and valid images or logos, or election material. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to adapt material to local needs without compromising Frps graphical identity. Furthermore, Frp may also use Brand Center as a communication channel to present their latest i.e. marketing- and communication news.

With the help of BrandMaster, Frp will now have total control of their brand and communication. A proper and central archive will reduce local request about material adjustments, it will reduce the use of outdated or not approved material and they reduce the risk of their political messages deteriorate locally. Thus, the Frp organization can spend their time on value added activities that brings united political messages forward across Norway.

About Fremskrittspartiet

Frp is one of Norways largest political parties and was formed in 1973 by Anders Lange. He founded Frp for strong reduction of taxes, fees and public engagement. Since the foundation, Fremskrittspartiet have had a large impact on Norwegian politics, and its development close to Frps history. The chairman of 28 years, Carl I. Hagen, was essential to the Norwegian politics from when he started in 1978 until Siv Jensen became the chairman in 2006.

In 2013, Frp, for the first time since its establishment, received government power in a civil minority government together with political party Høyre, and with the support of Venstre and Kristelig Folkeparti. In 2018 they are still in government after re-election in 2017.