We are proud to announce that Høyre has chosen BrandMaster Marketing Resource Management System (MRM)

Høyre velger BrandMaster MRM markedssystem

Want’s to think differently towards the election in 2017

customer_høyreHøyre are a Norwegian, traditional conservative political party formed i 1884. Erna Solberg has been leading the political party since 2004 and has been Norway’s prime minister since 2013 with a parliamentary group composed of 48 representatives. Nationwide Høyre consists of 19 county organizations and 421 local associations at the municipal level.

In 2017 Høyre starts a new election campaign with lots of marketing materials to coordinate and complete. Høyre has utilized a self developed marketing system since 2011. Now they want to expand the functionality and replace this system with a ready-made Marketing Resource Management solution (MRM-system).

Dag Terje Solvang, Markeds- og kampanjesjef Høyre

Dag Terje Solvang, Markeds- og kampanjesjef Høyre

– We saw the potential with a marketing system early on, but experienced challenges with developing our own system when there are better systems on the market. It took too much time and resources to develop, and was to hard to use for the users. We decided to think differently towards the election in 2017 says Marketing- and campaign manager for Høyre Dag Terje Solvang.

– This is a trend we have seen in the market a while, says CEO of BrandMaster AS Gunnar Larsen. Companies and ad-agencies are departing from self developed solutions in favor of ready made Marketing Resource Management solutions. With all marketing related material in one place processes like planning, flow of information, creation and distribution of material can be optimized. This provides immediate advantages.

Local adaptions – full control of the brand

BrandMaster will be used towards the parliamentary elections where a lot of marketing materials are produced centrally. Material will then be taken over locally where they are adjusted and adapted to local needs. This will now be possible without compromising their brand.

– We wish to make the process easier for employees and volunteers during the election, but at the same time secure consistent branding says Dag Terje Solvang. By offering tools that makes the work easy and gives the users inspiration by showing what other parts of the organization are doing, everybody will be able to easily create new material without compromising our brand.

A complete Marketing Resource Management solution

Høyre will use BrandMaster MRM marketing system for amongst other things store and manage pictures, presentations and other marketing materials in the Media Bank (DAM), get easy ordering of profile- and marketing material through the Marketing Shop and use BrandMaster’s intuitive template technology for web-to-print and web-ads to create and adjust ads, flyers, banners, rollups and other marketing material.

– When we started this process we thought we where looking for a solution for distribution of marketing material. BrandMaster will be much more and will be a daily tool for the entire organization. As we start to use the system we want to adjust the organization internally to utilize to system to it’s full potential. BrandMaster will replace a variety of systems we use today and make things much easier for us!

Høyre will start using the system internally, but towards the transition to 2017 over 400 internal and external resources will have access.

We welcome Høyre as a customer and are looking forward for exciting collaboration going forward!