Hyundai NorgeBrandMaster have the pleasure of welcoming Hyundai Motor Norway as a new customer.

We are proud to announce that Hyundai Motor Norway have chosen BrandMaster as their supplier of MRM (Marketing Resource Management).


Hyundai Motor Norway runs marketing campaigns together with dealers all over Norway. The company needed simple and flexible system to coordinate this task.


Hyundai Motor Norway was in process with multiple companies before deciding to go with BrandMaster. Our solution makes it easy to run consistent marketing campaigns together with their dealers. Our intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) template-editor makes it easy for the advertising agency to create ad-campaigns that can be adapted to local needs without compromising the brand.

Hyundai Motor Norway will for example be using our product for calculation of marketing support and ordering of marketing material. With BrandMaster both dealers and head office gain full control over marketing material and campaigns.

We welcome Hyundai Motor Norway as a customer and look forward to an exciting collaboration!

Hyundai Motor Norway

  • Hyundai is one of the biggest manufacturers of cars in the world
  • The worlds 40th most valuable company (2014)
  • Hyundai came to Norway in 1992
  • Hyundai supports nationwide dealer network