Manage your brand with brand management software

Building a strong brand requires a solid brand strategy and resilient implementation capability.

Your brand is more than your logo! Your brand communicates your business personality and shapes your clients’ perceptions of who you are. Your brand should project the expectations and promises you extend to your customers in terms of quality, service, reliability and trustworthiness and create trust and loyalty from those who do business with you. A strong brand identity helps the audience differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, directly impacting your profitability. (Source:

Creating a strong brand demands a thorough brand strategy based on your primary targets, your competition, your actual product and your unique selling proposition before defining your distinctive brand identity which expresses everything about your brand and puts you ahead of your competition.

However, a brand is nothing without a visual identity. With a unique design and well-defined graphics you get ‘visual identity’. Consisting of the name, logo, font, colour and signature style, the visual identity is essentially the story of a company and the values ​​that it wishes to convey. It is essential for a brand asserting themselves through both print and online media and is one of the fundamental pillars of the communication strategy of an organisation. (Source:

With your brand identity in place, your brand now has values that will position your brand and make it recognizable in the consumers mind. Thus, attracting customers and increase sales revenue.

In comparison, weak brands have low emotional commitment, have ‘spotty’ reputations and create doubt. In general, weak brands rely on pricing and short term promotional incentives. (Source: Weak brands also suffer little customer recognition and receive less repeat buying as a consequence. (Source:

Brand consistency is key to success

Brand consistency takes you to the next level in marketing and makes your brand feel more dependable and trustworthy through recognition. Brand recognition is not just about getting your name out there. It’s about helping consumers get to know your brand on a personal level. (Source:

Even more so, if you don’t build your brand promise around reality or consistently live up to it, your branding efforts are pointless. Brands are built through the consistent delivery of the brand promise through all stakeholder touch points. It is the consistent, desired experience that builds trust and is the foundation for loyalty and promotion. (Source:

How to manage brand consistency?

A known challenge for many brand managers is how to ensure that brand assets, communication and brand content reach the necessary stakeholders in an organization with the same message at the right time.

Traditionally, distribution of content, assets and information has been provided by e-mail or by electronic files downloadable through intranet or similar. A method that is both unpredictable and inaccurate as it lacks precision and control about who receives the information and who acts upon requested actions.

The consequences are often outdated assets and material in circulation and communication consisting of diversified messages which totally dilutes your brand identity.

Bring your brand online

Making your brand strategy available through an online Brand Book eliminates the many challenges associated with traditional brand management while empowering dynamic and flexible brand control.

Establish a dependable platform for your brand and ensure 100 % availability and validity of all assets and associated content 24/7 and leave no room for misunderstandings or brand compromises. An online brand book ensures complete brand consistency and a solid and reliable platform for a strong brand with a clear identity.

By Renate Sandland Henriksen