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Latest updates from BrandMaster

[Whitepaper] Digital Asset Management system

Structuring your Digital Asset Management data. Getting files into your Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the easy part of making the system work for you. The real value of a DAM is in how easy it is to find, retrieve and reuse assets in it. The purpose of...

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Christmas Workshop 2018 @BrandMaster

On december 12th, BrandMaster gathered customers for a day with professional content and training, followed by holiday fun and dinner.  BrandMaster believes in sharing knowledge and know-how. Why? We want our customers to get the most out of their...

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Fremskrittspartiet takes use of MRM

We are pleased that Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) chose BrandMaster as their provider of an MRM solution. Frp prepare for future elections with BrandMaster MRM. Frp chose BrandMaster to easier distribute election material to our local- and county teams. BrandMaster...

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[New features] Brand Center with fresh new updates

Design your brand with ease Brand Center, the CMS solution for presenting your brand, is now out with fresh and cool features To keep our standing as a leading provider of marketing and brand management solutions, BrandMaster is continuously enriching our applications...

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Why marketers should invest in a DAM solution

Four reasons your marketing department should have a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Any talks about a content management system really boils down to one major thing: Deliver with confidence! Key features your organization and your DAM needs to address...

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BrandMaster welcomes GDPR

At a time when automatic data retrieval and storage increases, and exposure of personal information is required to make use of online services, it is comforting knowing there are strict requirements for providers on how to handle collected information....

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Case story: Helly Hansen

Learn how Helly Hansen use BrandMaster solutions Helly Hansen is using BrandMaster branding- and marketing automation to handle their brand assets. Get in-depth knowledge about their solutions and their experience with BrandMaster. › Read more ...

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The myBrandMaster Conference 2017

At a sunny and chilled November day, BrandMaster customers from Norway and Sweden gathered at the Gardermoen Airport hotel for the myBrandMaster Conference 2017. The myBrandMaster Conference is an event meant for our valued customers where they are given future...

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Case story: Høyre

Learn how Høyre use BrandMaster solutions Høyre uses BrandMaster branding- and marketing automation. Get in-depth knowledge about their solutions and their experience with BrandMaster. Read more >

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BrandMaster speaking at DAM Helsinki 2016

BrandMaster will be speaking at DAM Helsinki 2016, a one-day conference focused on digital asset management and contemporary ways to manage and use digital assets.   Streamline day-to-day operations DAM Helsinki will give both existing DAM users, and companies...

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BrandMaster broadens cooperation with Statoil

Broader cooperation to simplify branding, communication and marketing within Statoil. BrandMaster (former Press To Go) has been a supplier to Statoil for several years and delivered solutions and services related to communication and brand management. Following a...

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DAM in the Brand Management-process

It was a real pleasure attending last week's Canto DAM Summit Europe 2016 – the digital asset management-conference in Berlin. As a platinum sponsor it was important for us to discuss the Brand Management-process and how DAM plays a vital part when creating a...

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The Campaign Manager receives a facelift

The Campaign Manager, the all-in-one tool to plan and execute marketing campaigns and activities, has received a facelift.   Many marketers are planning their marketing activities using tools meant for other tasks like scheduling meetings or creating...

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7 factors implementation of DAM – Thank You

Thank you! We appreciate that you take the time to read our publication. It inspires us to create more publications in the future. You can download the publication by clicking the following link: BrandMaster-7-factors-for-successful-implementation-of-DAM-EN.pdf What...

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Brand new head office in the center of Oslo!

BrandMaster has moved it’s head office to Grev Wedels plass 7 in the center of Oslo. The new office has beautiful views of the Norwegian capital and the fjord. We welcome all current and future clients to visit us in our new office for a cup of coffee and a great view...

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BrandMaster AS acquires Gothia Adb AB

(Stockholm, 22-12-2015) BrandMaster, a leading software and consultancy company within Brand Management and MRM (Marketing Resource Management) have acquired Gothia Adb AB. Gothia is a consulting firm with some of the Nordic's most sought after experts when it comes...

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New feature: Create and send hundreds of ads at once

Increase your speed-to-market – create and send hundreds of ads at once! Our template technology for web-ads and web-to-print has made the life easier for our customers for several years. By providing an self service solution for creating templates directly from...

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New feature: Send advertisements directly to media

Save valuable time by sending advertisements directly to media publications! The Marketing Shop lets your organization order marketing materials and services directly. It gives you a personalized entrance to ordering all of your organizations marketing material, ads,...

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BrandMaster signs partnership agreement with Advant

BrandMaster is proud to inform that we have signed partnership agreement with Advant in Sweden. Swedens most appreciated agency Advant is a Swedish agency with a different mindset. They focus on cost efficient solutions for their customers by reducing the number of...

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Nordbohus choose BrandMaster MRM

We have the pleasure of welcoming Norbohus as a new customer. We are proud to announce that Nordbohus have chosen BrandMaster as their supplier of MRM (Marketing Resource Management). Challenge Nordbohus is on of Norway's largest house building companies. They sell...

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Fackförbundet ST choose BrandMaster MRM

We have the pleasure of welcoming Fackförbundet ST as a new customer! Fackförbundet ST is the biggest union for workers within government agency in Sweden with 90 000 members. These work within state authorities, companies with state business, universities,...

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BrandMaster signs partnership agreement with GOTHIA

BrandMaster is proud to announce that we have signed partnership agreement with GOTHIA regarding integration against Canto Cumulus DAM-system. GOTHIA is a consultancy with some of the Nordic countries most sought experts in "Content Marketing” — streamlining of...

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New Marketing Shop open for business

We are proud to announce the Marketing Shop! The Marketing shop is an online web-shop for all your marketing materials and services – personalized to your brand. Let your organization order marketing materials and services directly! You have full control over vendors,...

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Strengthens the focus on the public sector

We are proud to announce a new partnership agreement between Adstate and BrandMaster. Adstate AS delivers online marketingsystems for advertising in printed and digital media. They have developed a platform consisting of two products. «Adstate Funeral Edition» angel...

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Sponsoring the Marketing Conference 2015

BrandMaster wish to highlight the importance of MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and will be the main sponsor for the Marketing Conference 2015. The Marketing Conference 2015 The Marketing Conference is organized by Confex and created to give you an inside look of...

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Block Watne first users on new product

"Today we present a worlds first!" Bjørnar Tretterud, Sales- and Marketing Executive at Block Watne, started the presentation of the new Marketing Shop. The presentation was met with applause from the audience. Block Watne has 19 local offices across Norway and over...

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Makes local marketing easy

Our web-based marketing tool makes it easy for retailers, gas-stations and kiosks to create and measure local marketing campaigns. Readers of "Dagligvarehandelen" (weekly newspaper for the retail-industry in Norway) gets a quick introduction to MRM (Marketing Resource...

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Hyundai Motor Norway choose BrandMaster MRM

BrandMaster have the pleasure of welcoming Hyundai Motor Norway as a new customer. We are proud to announce that Hyundai Motor Norway have chosen BrandMaster as their supplier of MRM (Marketing Resource Management). Challenge Hyundai Motor Norway runs marketing...

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A new star is born

A new star is born in the market of MRM (Marketing Resource Management). With the merger of BrandMaster AS and Press to go AS we create a new Nordic company that will shine brighter on the starry sky than the rest out there. More and more companies are looking for...

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We are strengthening our external development team

We have increased our external development team in Minsk, Belarus with 3 new programmers. We are very excited to speed up our product development with the help of Ocsico. “Ocsico is a professional and reliable Eastern European software development services provider...

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We welcome Block Watne as a new customer

Block Watne was established in the 1950`s, and is one of Norway’s largest house building companies. Their core business is establishing house building projects, and providing quality houses for reasonable prices. Block Watne delivers about 1 000 houses per year...

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Free Breakfast seminar – Stockholm

08.30 – 10.30

Free Breakfast seminar – Oslo

08.30 – 10.30




BrandMaster MRM consists of a powerful cloud solution designed to provide marketing- and branding automation across organizations and make marketing through multi-channels seamless and effective.
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