dagligvarehandelen_brandmaster_forenkler_lokal_markedsføringOur web-based marketing tool makes it easy for retailers, gas-stations and kiosks to create and measure local marketing campaigns.

Readers of “Dagligvarehandelen” (weekly newspaper for the retail-industry in Norway) gets a quick introduction to MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and how it can benefit them.

Big companies with retailers spread across the country often feel that marketing actives with local adjustments is too hard to achieve. Measuring the campaign afterwards can be even more challenging.

Today marketing happens across several channels. Social media, reaching customer through mobile phones, advertisement i newspapers and radio, reaching customers with direct marketing by mail and company web-pages. At the same time marketing budgets get smaller. You need to spend your money wiser.

Do these issues sound familiar? We are passionate about easy multi-channel marketing. We would love to demonstrate the powers of our marketing tool. Get in touch for an unbinding demonstration today.

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