BrandMaster is proud to welcome Multiconsult as a new customer.



customer_multiconsultMulticonsult is one of Norway’s leading communities for planning og consulting. With roots back to 1908 the company has had strong influence on Norway’s development and economical growth. The company has over 2000 employees and have contractors og partners all over Norway and in many parts of the world.

Multiconsult has 30 offices in Norway, from Svalbard in the north to Kristiansand in the south. In addition Multiconsult has growing international business and have offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Poland, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Tanzania and Uganda.

They needed a system to collect, share, adjust and distribute marketing material.


With BrandMaster MRM, Multiconsult can run a consistent marketing from every office. Multiconsult’s huge growth makes it is especially important that ads are easy to create and that marketing material has consistent branding across Norway and the rest of the world. Multiconsult will use BrandMaster unique template technology for web-to-print and web ads to create functional templates for the entire group. Templates can be adapted to local markets and local needs but at the same time keeping branding consistent. Multiconsult will also be using BrandMaster’s approval loop to make sure that adjusted ads and marketing material get approved centrally before being distributed to media.

We welcome Multiconsult as a new customer and look forward to a long and exciting cooperation.

Multiconsult AS

  • One of Norway’s biggest advising consultant
  • Over 2000 employees
  • Over 100 years history in Norway
  • Offices all over Norway
  • Growing international business